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About Us

About Us

ARPA is a membership organization formed by a group of animal rescue professionals with more than 40 years of experience in the industry. We wanted to create a forum that was free from the drama often found in animal rescue communications. We have since furthered our leadership team by adding experienced individuals with expertise in shelter management, paid and rescue relay transport, and rescue group management. The ARPA is the only place that offers you a certified rescue transporter exam to become a Certified Animal Rescue Transporter, and we plan to continue to provide the certifications needed to standardize the animal rescue industry.

What We Do

ARPA has a number of benefits that we provide to our members. In addition to the information developed by our ARPA team, we provide a private forum where professionals can share best practices, sample documents and information to help other professionals with their animal rescue efforts.

Our Vision
Our vision is that one day, the animal rescue industry will not be needed because animal cruelty, pet overpopulation and hunting for sport will be eliminated and the professionals who dedicate their lives to saving animals will be able to rest knowing that animals are safe.
Our Mission
At ARPA, our mission is to provide the tools, education, networking and forums that professionals focusing on animal rescue need to be more efficient and effective in their activities. We believe there is too much drama in animal rescue and that by providing a “drama free” zone where professionals can share, ask questions and offer opinions without fear of repercussions, that we will be able to save more animals.
Profiles in Animal Rescue
Volunteers and professionals from different backgrounds have a significant impact on animal rescue by contributing their professional experience. Check out some of these profiles for professionals that are making a contribution and a big difference in saving lives.
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