contract-imageSample Adoption & Placement Contracts

It is a very happy day when one of your animals gets adopted.  Everyone is all smiles, loving, caring and excited to get their new family member home to a life of eternal bliss. But this is also the time to reflect on the “what if” regarding what might go wrong.  Having an effective adoption contract makes it clear to the adopter the rules and boundaries that they must adhere to.  There are many variations and types of contracts.  Some extensive, some are simple.  We’ve compiled the best of the best to make it easy for you to find templates that fit your organization’s needs.

Key questions to consider in your adoption contract:

  • What happens to the animal if the adopter can no longer care for them?  Can they re-home the animal themselves?

  • Will the animal be kept outside or inside?  Any specific scenarios that need to be accounted for?

  • What vaccinations, veterinarian visits or other preventative care is required?

Below are the best practice examples that we have compiled with two examples each of simple and more extensive contracts for you to choose from: