Kids and animals together can be a great combination and bond.  But introducing children to animals and establishing the rules of the road is important to this long term relationship.

  • Children – visitor pet rules – This picture is a simple one-pager that is kid-friendly and explains the basic rules to explain to visiting children for how they should interact with pets.  It’s colorful, easy to read and a quick study.

  • Kid & K9 safety tips – This one-page image outlines what kids should do in particular situations with animals.  Whether going for a walk or encountering a dog that is barking at you, it provides simple dos and don’ts for interacting.  

  • Kid dog contract – A cool idea to get kids involved with a new pet.  It’s a contract that they are agreeing to and signing for their responsibilities as it relates to caring for the animal.

  • Guide to staying safe around dogs – This graphical depiction is targeted at younger people and easily explains the do’s and don’ts of interacting specifically with a dog.

  • Guide to woofs and growls – Another one-page that graphically shows kids interacting with dogs in various situations and it gives them specific instructions for what to do and not to do.