Your board of directors for your organization is an important part of the overall operation and governance of the organization.  Whether you are forming your board, defining the succession plan or just wanting to update your documents, we’ve compiled some resources to help you out.

  • New board packet – These documents are a great place to start with new board members and will help you get the information necessary to find them the perfect fit within your structure.

    • Performance expectations – Outlining expectations of board members is critical to starting on the right foot.  Is your board expected to fundraise?  Is there a minimum number of meetings or hours that members are expected to participate?  This form will help you to frame up the expectations so it is clear to new board members.

    • Committee overview – If your board is sub-divided into committees to focus on various aspects of your organization, providing an outline of those committees to new board members will help them understand what is in place, and help them to select the area(s) that they can have the most impact.

    • Profile – When applying for grants, many organizations look at the profiles of the board members to understand how well the organization is run.  The profile is important to showcase the background and experience of your board to demonstrate your professional organization to prospective donors.

    • Contct info – Gathering the key information for your board members like which email, phone number and address to use seems like a simple thing.  Adding this form to the intial welcome packet will ensure you do not forget to ask for the necessary information.