Affordable Ways to Enrich Your Animals

A lot of times we may not realize how the environment our pets are in affect them. It is important to be mindful of ways to improve and enhance the quality or value of our pets lives. Just like us, our pets can find some environments stressful and this is the same for animals in shelters. To make our pets more calm and at ease there are things you can do to enrich them with opportunities and activities at no cost.  

In the shelter, this can make dogs and cats more adoptable and our pets at home will be happier! Here are some ways to enrich your pet:

Feed a fresh, balanced, and species-appropriate diet

Feeding your pet good food and good ingredients will help keep them at a healthy weight. This will prevent future conditions and ensure your pet starts and ends the day with a wholesome diet.

Perform at-home exams and schedule regular wellness visits with your veterinarian

Our pets cannot talk to us or tell us if something is wrong, so it is important to be aware of how your pet is acting or feeling. Take them to the vet regularly for a check up for the things you might not be able to see for yourself.

Regularly enrich your pet’s environment

How often do you buy new things for your home to spruce things up a bit? Your pets probably feel the same way! Providing them with new toys or a new bed will help enrich their environment. Get them a new food bowl, collar or a new pet bed!

Keep them active

Pets (especially dogs) should get regular exercise. This will keep them happy and healthy, not to mention it will do the same for us! Take them to a local dog park, set up a time to play with other dogs, find a hiking trail, play fetch or even take them on a car ride.

Teach basic manners and life skills

Training your pet will allow your dog to understand you. When they are well behaved and trained you can take them more places and do more things. This will also create a stronger bond between you and your pet.

Always keep a few treats nearby and remember A little bit of love and attention can go a long way! Let us know what you do to enrich your pet’s life.