Top tips for creating an adoptive animal profile

Let’s face it.  It’s hard to create compelling profiles on sites like Petfinder or Adopt-a-pet for animals that need to be adopted.  And depending on the volume of profiles you’re looking to create, you may find yourself cutting corners and skimping on the details in order to get done faster.

We know we don’t have to tell you how important getting these profiles done right is so we’re not going to lecture you but rather give you our tips and tricks for how to create profiles that grab attention and feature your adoptees properly.

  1. I oughta be in pictures – Ok so we all know how important a good picture is to getting animals adopted.  But, if you jazz up your picture with backgrounds, words and other fun features you’ll be even MORE successful in getting people to stop and take a look.  It’s much easier than you think too.  We personally recommend going to (it’s FREE) and signing up.  You’ll quickly see how easy it is to upload photos of an animal, and then add frames, wording, backgrounds or other images to cause your photos to POP!  And they make it so easy to download these photos so then you can put them on Petfinder to garner the attention your animal needs.
  2. Resurrect the newspaper – Think back to when newspapers were everywhere.  What got your attention to read a story?  It was the headline of course.  That short snippet that summarized the story, in a compelling way of course, in order to get you to read further.  We’re not the first to say that the headline is the most important part of your profile if you want your animals to stand out among the masses.  Personally, we recommend using some online tools to help you break the mold for your headline generation like, is a great, FREE online tool to help you get more creative.  Yes as its name suggests it does the same thing as that book you used in high school did, it provides you synonyms for words so that your headline copy doesn’t look like everyone else’s.  It’ll help you jazz up your headlines from “Smart and friendly” to “Luminous and benevolent”; from “Young and fun” to “Burgeoning and boisterous” which will surely cause adopters to pause and take a look.
  3. Steal shamelessly – Big companies pay big dollars to marketing agencies to come up with slogans or catch phrases that promote their products. Why not steal shamelessly to cause potential adoptions to laugh or snicker as they read your headlines. DeBeers is famously known for advertising “A diamond is forever.”  With just a turn of the phrase your headline could be “A diamond may be forever but I’m cuter and I give better puppy kisses.”  “Got milk?” becomes “Got poop?  I do!”  and “Just do it.” becomes “Just do it already.  Press the button…you know you want me.”  You can be as snarky or as professional as you’d like of course but just remember that the goal is to get them to stop browsing and read more.

Got a simple idea for how to write better animal profiles?  Tell us and share with your fellow professionals.