Rescue Myth vs. Fact: Animal rescue is a female dominated industry

fact vs mythHow many people do you know that call themselves animal rescuers?  We’re willing to be that the majority of them are female.

Fact: Animal rescue is a female dominated industry

Women RuleFinally, a bright spot in an otherwise male dominated world.  When it comes to looking at the number of passionate men and women that are dedicated to saving animals, women definitely get the gold star on this one.

While it’s hard to get exact numbers, the estimates are that animal rescue is conducted by more than 85% women.  Yes, it’s true, if you’re a male in the animal rescue world, you’re somewhat of a unicorn in a stampede of horses.  Maybe this is because women have more compassion, or maybe it is due to the stereotypical role that they play in child rearing, but men just have not been as involved in helping animals as women have been.

man during an animal rescuePlease note that as a male writer, I’m not looking to take anything away from the passionate females working to save animals.  Instead, I’m merely suggesting that more men should look into their hearts to find their passion for animals and make a choice to get actively involved in saving them.  I know I found my passion, and you can find yours too.

Animal rescue is a female dominated industry