Rescue Myth vs. Fact: Animal rescues are professionally trained

Animal rescues are volunteers with a passion for animals

We’ve talked before about the amazing people that make up animal rescue organizations across the country.  These rescuers are passionate about animals and ingenious about finding new ways to stretch a dollar.

But a common misconception is that the volunteers that work for and make up animal rescue organizations have professional training and resources to be up to speed on the latest best practices and that’s not usually the case.

animal rescue volunteers

Myth: Animal Rescue organizations receive training for their operations

We’ll start this out with our normal disclaimer that we are not attempting to make absolute statements but rather to give you perspective on the most common way things are with the majority of animal rescue organizations.

Most animals rescue organizations are founded by and run by volunteers with a passion for animals.  They do not often have animal sheltering backgrounds, and rarely do they receive training, education or support to learn the best practices for running their operations.  

Ingenuity is the word to describe animal rescue

Animal Rescue ProfessionalsOne of the reasons we formed the ARPA is to provide the education, certification and best practices that animal rescue organizations across the country and around the world need to be efficient in their activities.  

Rescue groups are nothing if they’re not scrappy and crafty about how they manage to get things done.  Who would have thought that you could move animals thousands of miles, by stringing together a relay of transporters?  Animal rescue groups that’s who! These people may not have the book smarts, but they certainly have the street smarts and millions of animals have their lives to thank for them.

So while your nearby animal rescue group may not have the certificates on the wall and the acronym letters at the end of their name, they certainly have the passion, love and dedication necessary to save animals.  

At the ARPA, we are proud to be THE association for animal rescue!

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