May is Photo Month – Show us your favorite animal rescue photo!

You oughta be in pictures

The entire month of May is Photo Month so that means it’s time to get out your camera or put your iPhone into camera mode and snap some pictures of your favorite rescue animal.  Photo month should serve as your reminder that a picture truly does capture the moment.

We know that true animal rescue professionals understand the importance of a quality photograph to capture the true essence and spirit of the rescue animals and we want to highlight and emphasize the importance of quality photos this month.

There are a number of amazing organizations that focus on educating shelters and rescues on how to take great animal photos and here’s just a few of them for you to check out.

Shelter me photography provide a free course for local animal shelters across the country on how to capture photos of animals to get them adopted.  Just check out some of their before and after photos to get an idea of how much difference a quality photograph can make.  If you’re interested in having them visit your local animal shelter to teach your team, you can contact Nanette here:

LKA Shooters Meetup group

Started by JoLynn to share her passion for photography, this group meets regularly to help amateur and professional photographers alike.  They focus on more than just animal photography but deep down inside they have a passion for animals like you do.

Being that it’s photo month, we thought we’d share some recent photos from recent Doobert transports.  Enjoy!