Black Cat Appreciation Day

Black Cat Appreciation Day

Black Cat Appreciation DayBlack cats have always been linked to negative superstitions. Even now, many still believe that they bring bad luck or bad omen. Some even go as far as to claim that these felines can attract death, or are associated with witchcraft. It’s because of these crazy, not to mention completely untrue, superstitions that black cats have a bad rap and are avoided by most.

Another reason that may cause people to shy away from adopting black cats is that they find solid black coats to be ‘boring’ or ‘unappealing’ compared to those with colorful coats and flashy markings. So, unfortunately, it’s pretty common for black cats to get overlooked in animal shelters and end up getting euthanized, which is heartbreaking!

The yearly observance of Black Cat Appreciation Day is meant to get rid of all the negative superstitions surrounding black cats and raise awareness about the struggles these felines are facing as a result of those superstitions. It’s a special day where dedicated animal rescuers and cat lovers across the nation work together to show people how amazing black cats really are and that they deserve to find loving forever homes, too!


What’s So Special About Black Cats?

Black Cat Appreciation DayFor one, black cats make some of the most exotic-looking pets. They’re just stunning little creatures that look like tiny panthers! I mean, come on. Who wouldn’t want to have a mini black panther as a pet? Their luxurious black coats also look gorgeous against light-colored surfaces, making them purrrfect Instagram meowdels for feed-conscious individuals.

Research has also shown that black cats have specific genes that make them much healthier than other cats. They have a stronger immune system and tend to be more resistant to diseases like FIV. Because of this, black cats usually live longer than most cats, which is pretty awesome!

Aside from having majestic-looking fur and extra tough immune systems, black cats are also known to be very affectionate and playful. Those who own, or have owned, black cats say that they’re the friendliest, most loving cats they’ve ever had.


Black Cats Bring Good Luck!

Believe it or not, but some countries believe that black cats actually bring good luck! For instance, in Scotland, England, France, and Japan, black cats are considered as signs of wealth, good luck, and prosperity. While in Northern Europe, it’s believed that taking in and caring for a black cat will bring good weather and ensure one’s safety during travels.

See? Our dark-colored feline friends bring the exact opposite of bad luck. They’re recognized all over the world as symbols of good fortune!


How to Celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day

There are plenty of ways to celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day, but here are some of our suggestions:

1. Show Your Black Cat Some Extra Appreciation

If you already have a black cat, then today is the perfect day to shower them with extra love and affection! Maybe allow them to enjoy an extended playtime session, or give them more of their favorite treats than usual. You can even go to your local pet store and pick out some new toys for them!

2. Adopt A Black Cat

If you’re planning to get a cat, then go ahead and pay your local animal shelter a visit. You can save a black cat’s life by opening your home to one on Black Cat Appreciation Day. Most animal shelters will even have special adoption promotions for these dark-colored felines in celebration for the holiday.

If you can’t adopt, then you can always foster, donate, or volunteer. Animal shelters need all the help they can get, and simply lending a helping hand will mean a lot.

3. Raise Black Cat Awareness On Social Media

Regardless of whether you have a black cat or not, you can chime in and use social media to help spread awareness about black cats. If you own a black cat, you can post a photo of them on social media and let people know how awesome it is to own one. Use your social platforms to inform as many people as you can about them, and make sure to share Black Cat Appreciation Day posts.

Let’s celebrate the holiday together by encouraging everyone to give these wonderful felines a chance. Helping them find forever homes is the best gift we can give to them on Black Cat Appreciation Day.


Do you own a black cat? How do you plan on celebrating Black Cat Appreciation Day? Feel free to let us know down in the comments!