December 15 – Cat Herders’ Day

Does your job feel like you’re herding cats?  Maybe you should be in animal rescue!

Welcome to mid-December.  We’re in the midst of holiday parties and office parties as everyone gears up to celebrate their respective holidays at this time of the year.

It’s a great time to stop and celebrate Cat Herders’ Day.  While the day was originally founded to recognize those difficult job professions like project managers, where people feel like they are herding cats all the time, this holiday reminds us how we can put our cat herding skills to good use.

TNR is a great way to herd cats

TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) is one of those aspects of animal rescue that needs great cat herders.  The overpopulation of cats can be contained through effective TNR efforts where the animals are returned safely to their community environment where they can live out a healthy life without the fear of euthanization.

If you’re not familiar with TNR, don’t worry because we’ve developed a great study guide and certification and there are tons of resources online that walk you through everything you need to know and do.  And we’re pretty sure that with a quick call to your local animal shelter that they would be happy to hook you up with some traps and even do some basic education to teach you how easy and effective TNR can be in your community.


Maybe it should be herd-trap-neuter-return

If you are not familiar with where the community cats near you are hanging out, then perhaps the first step is to ask around and find out where the gang hangs out regularly.  Community cats are feral cats and are not adoptable since they are not socialized for human contact.

Your efforts to help locate them, trap, neuter and then return them will go a long way to helping contain the cat population and save more lives.  So if your job requires you to do some cat herding, think about applying your skills to real cats. TNR is much more rewarding than chasing down humans to do their job!

Cat herder day