National Dog Mom’s Day

National Dog Mom’s Day

I think most of us can agree that moms are pretty awesome.  They love us unconditionally, they take care of us when we aren’t feeling our best, and they are always our biggest supporters.  As we get closer to Mother’s Day, dog lovers alike now have a new day to celebrate.  The second Saturday in May is National Dog Mom’s Day!  This is a special day to recognize all of the dog moms out there who treat their furry best friends like their children.  Even though your dog cannot make you breakfast in bed, bring you flowers, or make you a handmade card, dogs show their love and appreciation with lots of puppy kisses, playtime, and snuggles.

8 Signs You’re A Dog Mom

Wondering if you’re a dog mom?  Below are a few telltale signs!

1. You ask if you can bring your dog with you EVERYWHERE.  Whether its a friend’s house, hiking, or a dog-friendly restaurant, everyone knows that you will want to bring your furry pal with you wherever you go.

2. You throw your dog birthday parties.  Add party hats and a peanut butter cake to the shopping list because it’s your dog’s birthday!  You are the first one to call all of your dog’s friends over to celebrate another year of puppy kisses and playing fetch.

3. You try not to disturb your dog when he or she is sleeping on your bed.  Even if your dog is completely spread out over the mattress, you sneak under the covers and lay on the tiny, empty corner so as not to disturb your dog’s slumber.

4. You bring your dog to play dates.  Your dog is best friends with the neighborhood dog next door, meaning that the two pups have play time several days during the week.

5. You buy your dog accessories and clothing.  A new sweater?  A cool new jewel collar?  You bet your dog has it.

6. Your dog has his/her own social media accounts.  You update and post photos to your dog’s own Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and add funny captions about what your dog is up to.

7. You leave social gatherings early because you feel bad about your dog being home alone.  Whether you’re at a party or grabbing a bite to eat with your co-workers, the thought of your dog sitting at home alone is almost too much to bear.

8. You take selfies with your dog.  When you go out and do activities together, you make sure to document the experience of you and your pup.

Gifts For The Dog Mom In Your Life

Celebrate your favorite dog mom (even if that means yourself) with these great gifts!  National Dog Mom’s Day celebrates the bond that women share with their fur babies, since after all, dogs are not just our pets – they are family.

Dog Mom Hat

Dog Mom T-Shirt

Dog Mom Mug

Dog Mom Tumbler

How do you plan to celebrate National Dog Mom’s Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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