International Golden Retriever Day is today, February 3!

February 3 – A day to celebrate Golden Retrievers, the 3rd most popular breed

Golden RetrieversIt is somewhat fitting that today is February 3 and the Golden Retriever is the 3rd most popular dog breed according to the American Kennel Club.  In case you’re wondering, Labrador Retrievers top the list at #1 and German Shepherds are not far behind at #2.

The International Golden Retriever day is a mere 7 years old (1 year in dog years!) and was started after a young woman named Kristen realized there was not an official day to celebrate her favorite dog Quincy.  There seemed to be a day celebrating everything else so she figured, why not!  And just like that, the day was born.  They have since turned the idea into much more than just a day building an entire website celebrating their love of the breed.  Check it out at

Golden Retrievers play many roles in our culture given their kind temperament and high level of intelligence.  They are one of the most common breeds of therapy dogs, and are a favorite of households with children given their forgiving nature.  Here’s a few interesting facts you may not have known:

  • They were first bred in scotland.  Take that you scottish terriers!
  • Some famous US presidents have had Golden Retrievers as pets.  Namely Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan.
  • They are a favorite among police departments given their intelligence and keen sense of smell.
  • Their coats are actually two-layers.  The top wavy coat is water-resistant while the undercoat is soft and warm.

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International Golden Retriever Day