Get out and enjoy Great Outdoors month with your pet

It’s officially summer!

summer dogs, beach, sunglassesAlthough we’re coming to the end of June, there’s still time to celebrate Great Outdoors month by getting outside with your favorite pets or better yet, volunteering at a local animal shelter as a dog walker to give the shelter dogs some much needed time out in the sunshine.

people and dogs outdoors on blanket

This celebration of the outdoors started out as a week (Great Outdoors week) and then in 2004 they decided to expand it to a whole month (not sure if congress was involved but guessing not if they got it done that fast!)  We know you enjoy walking your dog (or cat) outside and breathing in the fresh, summer air, but don’t let the fun stop there as there are a whole bunch of things that you can do with your pet in the great outdoors.

Our friends at GoPetFriendly have compiled a list of more than 65,000 pet friendly locations where you and your favorite pooch, kitty or even reptile can hang out and enjoy each other’s company.  You can search by categories like hotels or parks and you can even list your favorite pet friendly locale so that others can take advantage of it as well.

cat on leash, outdoorsRemember that if you do follow our advice and take your pets outdoors with you, make sure they are up to date on their vaccinations and make sure that you thoroughly check them for ticks when you come back inside.  Certainly we don’t want a day of fun and adventure to take a turn for the worse and end up with a costly vet visit to remember your outing.  So take care to provide your pet with the protection that they need and you won’t be sorry.

Enjoy the sunshine!