April 27 is Hairball Awareness Day

How aware are you of cat hairballs?  We know we see them everywhere!

Today is your day to celebrate hairballs.  April 27 is Hairball Awareness Day!

Ok cat lovers. We’ve all been there. Sleepily walking downstairs in our bare feet to make that first cup of coffee only to be rudely awakened by stepping in a slimy, gross, gooey hairball left behind by Gracie from the night before. Next thing you know you’re hopping on one foot trying to find a towel to wipe your foot clean.

If this feels like your life then Hairball Awareness Day is for you. The last Friday of the month of April this day seeks to remind you of how important it is to support your cats grooming habits by (gasp) brushing them from time to time. Yes we know it’s hard to fathom another regular routine but hey if it keeps you from stepping in goop in the darkness of the morning, isn’t it worth it?

To help remind you, let us suggest 4 places for you to place a cat brush to remind you that your favorite feline can use some regular grooming.

  1. On the sink in your bathroom – After all if your cat is like ours, wherever you are, they are. Morning routines spent standing in front of the mirror are purrfect opportunities to give a few minutes of brush love to your cat before they go take their mid-morning nap.
  2. On your kitchen table – You eat at least two meals a day there right? You can learn to eat your oatmeal with one hand while brushing Mina cat out with the other.
  3. Between your couch cushions – Everything else is stuck between there so why not a cat brush.
  4. Under your pillow – As long as you remember to put it on the bed stand before you go to sleep it’ll be just fine.

If you’ve got a tip for how you remember to support your cat’s grooming habits, we’d love to hear it.