Hooray! It’s National Taco Day!

Hooray! It’s National Taco Day!

Hooray! It’s National Taco Day!Tacos have always been a crowd favorite. In fact, according to NationalTacoDay.com, Americans consumed over 4.5 billion tacos last year! Boy, do we love our tacos alright. But then, who wouldn’t? Whether you’re a meat-lover or a vegan, it doesn’t matter. You have the freedom to mix and match your favorite ingredients to create the taco that perfectly fits your taste. However, your taco of choice may not always be the best for Fido, especially restaurant-made ones. In the long run, sharing regular tacos with a furry family member may do more harm than good. So as you enjoy a taco or two this National Taco Day, don’t forget to raise awareness about the potential dangers of store-bought tacos for our canine friends.



Store-Bought Tacos Are a No-Go for Dogs

Hooray! It’s National Taco Day!Let’s face it; for us humans, tacos taste incredible. Just imagine the deliciously seasoned meat mixed with flavorful spices and topped with cheese or sour cream. Sounds heavenly, right? Unfortunately, though, the ingredients used to make the store-bought tacos that we oh so love can be harmful to our canine counterparts.

Generally, tacos are loaded with spices. Aside from a heavily marinated meat filling, tacos often contain not-so-dog-friendly ingredients like onions, chives, garlic, sour cream, and dairy—all of which can easily cause digestive issues, like indigestion, diarrhea, and vomiting. Taco shells, which are commonly made from either corn or wheat grain flour, may also trigger allergic reactions in some dogs.


Make A Dog-Friendly Taco Instead

Store-bought tacos may not be a good option for your pooch this National Taco Day, but you can always make a dog-friendly taco at home. That way, you’ll be able to control what goes into your dog’s taco and make sure all the ingredients are safe. Your taco-cooking session can even be a bonding opportunity for you and your dog. We’re sure that they’d love to spend the holiday with you!

Here are a few dog-friendly taco recipes you may want to re-create for National Taco Day:

  1. Vet-Approved Pup-Quito
  2. Mini Dog Treat Taco
  3. Tacos For Dogs


How to Celebrate National Taco Day

1. Host a taco party

What better way to celebrate National Taco Day than to invite your closest friends and family members over for a make-your-own taco party! Clear out your schedule for the day, as well as a table or two!

To make a DIY taco bar, all you have to do is prepare some tortillas, or even nachos, and several fillings, toppings, sauces, and drinks. Once you have everything, position them on the empty table buffet style, and you’re good to go!


2. Grab a taco from your favorite taco place

If you’re not much of a party person, then you can always just drop by your favorite taco place and grab a taco. Most taco joints offer awesome deals and discounts in honor of National Taco Day. Some even give away gift cards or coupons on the days leading up to the holiday, so better keep your eyes peeled for those!


3. Make your pup a dog-safe taco

After grabbing a taco from your local taco place or making one for yourself, don’t forget to whip up a dog-safe version for your canine companion. Remember to stick with dog-friendly ingredients, like unseasoned lean meat, cooked white rice, and yogurt. When making anything for dogs, keep it plain and simple. The fewer and less processed the ingredients are, the easier it’s going to be for dogs to digest.


4Snap some photos and raise awareness

Of course, you need to take photos on National Taco Day! Post them on all your social media platforms to let others know about the holiday and raise awareness about the potential risk of letting dogs eat store-bought tacos. Remember to use the hashtag: #NationalTacoDay!


How do you plan on celebrating National Taco Day?