International Kissing Day – Pucker up buttercup

Today is International Kissing Day which is a day that was established way in 2006 to celebrate the very important place that kissing holds in our society.

cat kisses, huggingIn our opinion, kissing is fantastic and one of those things that we enjoy most in life.  Particularly when it’s the kind of kisses our furry friend impart upon our faces.  Now that’s living!

Animal kisses come in many forms from the gentle nose touching, to the licking of our faces, mouths and even up our nose, to those oh so awesome head bumps meant to show you how much I love you.  Our furry friends share their love in many different ways.

One of the greatest things about animal rescue is the affectionate rewards you get for a job well done.  Whether you’re doing rescue relay transport, fostering a dog from your local animal shelter, or spending your time photographing your favorite rescue animal, you are sure to be rewarded with lots of love and kisses for helping our animal friends.  The animals you are helping know that you are there to rescue them and they will show you their gratitude on a level that you will surely comprehend.

animal love kissesAnimal rescue is one of the most rewarding things a person can do and it pays absolutely nothing so you don’t have to worry about getting a 1099 to account for it on your taxes every year.  On this international kissing day, we invite you to find your nearest animal companion and plant a big wet one on their face and remind them just how much you love them.  We know they’ll feel the warmth of your heart and the love in your kiss.

And if you manage to snap a picture, share it with us!