December 14 – National Lost & Found Day

Take action to find your lost items…and to prevent lost pets!

This year, December 14 marks the official lost & found day which is typically celebrated on the second Friday in December. The formation of the official day was created in 2012 but searching for lost and found items has been something people have done for generations.

Protect your pets if they’re lost

We invite you to think proactively on this national lost and found day.  Normally people reflect on items they’ve lost and redouble their efforts to seek out and find them.

So use this time to make sure your pet is safe by preparing for the lost scenario.  Here are 3 things you can do to be prepared for your lost pet:

  1. Double check the microchip – Your pet is microchipped right?  If you’re not sure, head to your local animal shelter or veterinarian and ask them to pull out the microchip scanner to scan for a chip.  If they can’t find one, have them put one in while you’re there.
  2. Update the microchip information – Assuming you have a microchip in your pet, when was the last time you updated that information with your latest address, phone number, etc.  Take a few minutes and make sure all of the contact information is up to date.
  3. Snap some recent photos – A picture can save a life when your pet goes missing so make sure to take a few updated photos of your pet today so that you have them for flyers if your pet wanders off.

As you’re celebrating your lost and found day today you can feel good about knowing that your proactive approach could reunite you with your pet should they go missing.

microchip your pet

National lost and found day