Nation Gorgeous Grandma Day – We love you Grandma

Of all of the specially named days within the year, this one truly has to take the cake.  Imagine someone taking the time to formally file the paperwork for gorgeous grandma day.  Whoever you are, we salute you because obviously you love your grandma like we do.

Gorgeous Grandma day is all about celebrating grandmas around the world.  Every single one of them is gorgeous in their own special way.  And the best part about this day is that it’s not reserved only for the human species of grandmas.  Grandmas of all types should be celebrated on this warm July day because yes it’s true that dogs and cats can also be grandparents and despite their age they often have a lot of love yet to give.

adult senior petsOlder dogs and cats are unfortunately common at local animal shelters and rescues.  Many of them unfortunately dumped by families that did not want to deal with their progressive old age problems or who claim they couldn’t handle the anxiety of having to help their furry friend cross over to the rainbow bridge.  So these unscrupulous people dump their senior pet at a shelter, separating them from the only family these poor animals have ever known.

Thankfully many animal rescues across the country dedicate themselves to helping these aging animals by finding and placing them in foster homes that will love and care for them in their final days.  Here’s just a couple of the Doobert organizations dedicated to helping the older generation of animals: Senior Moments Weimaraner and Senior Dog Sanctuary of Maryland.

So today on gorgeous grandma day, after you’re done taking selfies with your grandma, consider becoming an animal rescue foster for a senior dog or cat to help them live their life with the loving care and support that they earned.  Take some photos too of your gorgeous grandma and share them with the world so everyone knows how beautiful they truly are.

gorgeous grandma day