National Candy Day

National Candy Day

National Candy DayDid you hear? It’s National Candy Day! And yes, it’s a thing. There’s an actual day that you celebrate by indulging in your all-time favorite candy, and of course, we’re all for it!

Every November 4th, we observe National Candy Day and enjoy a day’s worth of sugary sweets. You know what the best thing is? Candy comes in all forms, tastes, shapes, and sizes—there’s a kind for everyone! So whether you’re a fan of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, M&M’s, Starburst, or Tootsie Pops, you’re bound to have a great time celebrating the holiday.

Speaking of which, have you planned out how you want to spend the day? Will you invite your friends and family over for a candy party? Munch on chocolate bars while watching your favorite Netflix series? Or maybe, share a lollipop or two with your pooch? Well, if you’re thinking of letting your furry friend join in on the fun, there are a few things you should know first. Candies aren’t necessarily safe for pets, and here’s why…


Why Are Candies Unsafe for Dogs?

National Candy DayJust like human desserts, candies aren’t exactly formulated with animals in mind—they’re made for humans, after all. However, even then, eating too much can cause health issues, like diabetes, blood sugar spikes, and heart problems.

For pooches, candies are a huge no-no because most of them contain ingredients that are highly toxic to animals. In addition to that, hard candies, like lollipops or candy drops, as well as candy wrappers, are at the top of the list of choking hazards for dogs. If accidentally swallowed, they can become lodged in the windpipe, or break into small, jagged pieces and pierce the throat or the lining of the intestines.


Common Candy Ingredients That Are Toxic to Dogs



Xylitol is used as a substitute for sugar in sugar-free products. It’s classified as a sugar alcohol and is known to be extremely toxic to dogs. According to, even in small amounts, xylitol can lead to low blood sugar, liver failure, seizures, and sometimes even death.



Ahh, the famous chocolate! We all love it, and almost every dessert in the book has it as an ingredient. However, as much as we humans love chocolate, it’s simply not something we should share with our pets. Chocolate or cocoa is incredibly poisonous to dogs. Why? Because it contains a substance known as theobromine, which is similar to caffeine. Unlike us humans, our canine friends don’t have the ability to digest theobromine, meaning it can accumulate in their system and cause toxic effects that can range from nausea and vomiting to seizures and collapse.


Raisins and grapes

Raisins and grapes may look harmless, but both are toxic to dogs. They’re known to contain a toxin that can cause severe kidney damage that often leads to acute kidney failure and even death.



Most nuts are relatively safe for dogs, but since they’re typically packaged with salt and have a high-fat content, it’s not recommended that you feed them to your canine friend. In large amounts, they can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and dehydration. Out of all the nuts, however, macadamia nuts and black nuts pose the greatest risk. When ingested, they can cause fever, weakness, tremors, loss of balance or coordination, and anemia.



Pet-Friendly Alternatives to Candy


Peanut butter

National Candy DayInstead of candy, your pup can celebrate National Candy Day by licking several spoons of peanut butter! They love it, and it’s totally safe for dogs. Just make sure that it’s xylitol and chocolate-free. If you want to get creative and whip up something special for your furry best friend, then you can check out these pet-safe peanut butter dog treat recipes from


Catnip-infused cat treats

If you have a cat, then make the day extra special with catnip-infused cat treats! You can get them online or at your local pet stores, but you can also make your own at home. Here are a few recipes you can try out:


Lickable pet treats

Another fun way to get your pet in the National Candy Day spirit is to buy some lickable pet treats. They come in all sorts of flavors, like chicken, salmon, cheese, tuna, bacon, and more! So whether you have a dog or a cat, we’re sure you’ll find one that your pet will love. You can get them on Chewy, Amazon, and The Grommet.

What are your plans for National Candy Day?