National Double Cheeseburger Day

National Double Cheeseburger Day

National Double Cheeseburger DayDid you hear? It’s National Double Cheeseburger Day! We don’t know about you, but we sure are pretty stoked about it. I mean, c’mon! We’re not just talking about a regular cheeseburger, here. We’re talking double cheeseburgers—who doesn’t love ‘em, right? Not only are they twice the size of regular cheeseburgers, but they’re twice as mouthwateringly delicious, too!

National Double Cheeseburger Day was created to celebrate the birth of the double cheeseburger. Lionel Sternberger, who concocted the glorious creation, thought that hamburgers were a little too plain and needed just a bit more oomph, if you will. So, Sternberger decided to add a layer of cheese to plain ‘ol hamburgers, making the world’s first cheeseburger. It wasn’t long before someone realized that if a single layer of patty and cheese could taste as great as it does, why not double it? So, double the cheeseburger they did, and as expected, it won over the heart of millions!

In honor of that day, grab yourself a double cheeseburger! Of course, don’t forget to let your dog in on the double cheeseburger goodness. Dogs love ‘em, too!


But, Can Dogs Eat Cheese?

National Double Cheeseburger DayIf you’re wondering if it’s okay for your dog to eat cheese, the answer is yes! Cheese is actually a good source of calcium, protein, Vitamin A, and essential fatty acids. A lot of dogs absolutely go nuts for cheese! For food-motivated dogs, cheese can even be used as a treat during training or a way to hide pills or tablets for those that are taking medications.

However, although it’s generally okay for dogs to eat cheese, too much can lead to unhealthy weight gain and other health issues. So, moderation is key. Going for low-fat cheeses, like cottage cheese and mozzarella, and avoiding ones with onions, garlic, and chives, is also a good idea.

Additionally, since some dogs may be lactose intolerant and generally have trouble digesting dairy, it’s best to only allow your dog to eat cheese if you’re certain they can tolerate it. If it’s your first time feeding them cheese, look for any signs of intestinal issues, such as diarrhea and gas, afterward.


Dog-Friendly Burger Joints

Wondering where to go with your furry friend this National Double Cheeseburger Day? Well, here are a few dog-friendly burger joints that serve burgers for both man and man’s best friend:

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar

Of course, Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar caters to both pooches and pet pawrents—the name says it all! The restaurant even took it up a notch and made a special menu for canine customers instead of just having one available menu item for them. Dogs can choose from their canine-friendly meals that include plain chicken breasts, brown rice, and, wait for it—grilled hamburgers!

Johnny Rockets

Johnny Rockets is another great burger joint you and your pup can dine in this National Cheeseburger Day. Select locations have expanded their menu to include dog-friendly meals such as a special doggy burger, carob “ruffles”, and a bunch of ice cream treats. However, keep in mind that most since most Johnny Rockets are franchised, each location may have a different set of rules, so if you’re planning to go to one, make to phone in and confirm if pets are welcome.


Last on our list, but definitely not the least, is the famous In-N-Out Burger. Trust us when we tell you that In-N-Out is one of the best places to have a cheeseburger date with your dog. Why? Because on top having special off-menu food options for canine customers, they’re one of the few burger joints that serve a doggy burger that actually resembles a double cheeseburger! It’s called the Flying Dutchmann, which is two beef patties and two slices of cheese. You can order one for yourself, too! How pawsome is that?


Other Ways to Celebrate National Double Cheeseburger Day

If you’re busy on September 15th and won’t be able to take your dog out on a cheeseburger date, don’t fret! Here are a few other ways you and your pooch can celebrate the holiday:

1. Get Your Dog a Dogpper

Don’t know what a Dogpper is? It’s basically a cheeseburger in the form of a bone-shaped dog cookie! You get it for free if you order Burger King’s Whopper. So, you can drop by a Burger King on your way home from work and surprise your dog with the treat. It may not look like a cheeseburger on the outside, but it’s every bit of it on the inside. It’s made from oat flour, brown rice flour, real beef, and cheese!

2. Make Your Own Dog-Friendly Double Cheeseburger

Planning to celebrate the holiday at home? Why not get creative and make your own dog-friendly double cheeseburger? That way, you’ll have total control of what goes into the burgers. Skip the garlic, onion, and chives for this one. If you can, go for mozzarella or cottage cheese instead of other cheeses. That way, you’ll end up with a double cheeseburger that’s low in fat and healthier for both you and your dog.

You can also check out these burger recipes for dogs:

3. Post Your #DoubleCheeseburgerDay Moments On Social Media

While you and your dog are munching on each of your double cheeseburgers, don’t forget to snap some photos for social media! Share what you know about double cheeseburgers on the caption or use it to let others know about the cheeseburger ingredients they should look out for when feeding one to their dogs. Everyone should enjoy the holiday, but it’s also important to keep our pets safe. With that in mind, spread the double cheeseburger love and don’t forget to use the hashtag #NationalDoubleCheeseburgerDay!