National Dress Up Your Pet Day

Whether it’s a pink tutu, a cool hoodie, or a superhero outfit, the majority of pet parents absolutely love playing dress-up with their fur babies. If you do, too, then it’s time to put your fashion sense to the test because National Dress Up Your Pet Day is finally here!

Celebrated every 14th of January, National Dress Up Your Pet Day was founded by leading pet and family lifestyle expert and animal advocate Colleen Paige to remind owners about the importance of having fun with their pets. However, whatever costume you decide to put on your furry friend today, it’s important to make sure it’s not only fashionable but also breathable and safe.


Make Sure Your Pet is Comfortable

While there’s nothing cuter than a dog or a cat in a costume, some outfits can actually make them feel uncomfortable or even restricted—sometimes to the point where they have trouble breathing or using their senses. To make sure that your pet is comfortable with their OOTD, give them some time to react to it. If their costume comes in multiple pieces, like maybe a hat, a cape, and a bow-tie, put the garments on one at a time and note their behavior. Your pet will let you know whether they’re okay with it or not.

If your pet is trying to wiggle out of their costume or clearly struggling to breathe, see, or move around, then try a different one. Also, if for some reason they’re only comfortable with wearing two out of the three garments that came with the outfit, then it’s best to just let them rock the “incomplete” number! They’ll still look adorable anyway.


Things to Consider When Picking Your Pet’s Outfit

Choose the Right Size

When picking out an outfit for your pet, it’s very important to get the right size. While wearing it, they should be able to see, hear, and breathe normally. If it’s a full body costume, pay extra attention to the tightness of the fabric going around the neck—it should never dig into your pet’s throat when they move around. The outfit should be tight enough to stay in place but also loose enough not to restrict breathing and movement.

Avoid Thick, Heavy costumes

Steer clear of heavy, multi-layered costumes. The extra weight will make it difficult for your pet to move around and increase their chances of suffocating or having a heatstroke, especially in crowded areas. Go for outfits made of lightweight and breathable materials, like gauze or nylon.

Be Aware of Potential Choking Hazards

A lot of pet costumes have potential choking hazards, like buttons or beads, that can get lodged in your pet’s throat or cause intestinal blockage when ingested. To be safe, keep a close eye on your pet when they’re wearing their costume or better yet, choose one that doesn’t have small ornaments that could fall off anytime.

For Senior Pets, Simple Is Better!

Of course, senior pets are welcome to celebrate National Dress Up Day, too! However, you should be extra meticulous when choosing a costume for them. We suggest going for a more minimal look, like maybe just a cool hat or a classy bandanna tied around the neck, to prevent any costume-related accidents. In addition, if your senior pet is prone to joint pain, you may want to prepare a stroller when you go out to show off their outfit just in case.


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