National dress up your pet day is here – Time for cat hats!

January 14 is National Dress up your pet day

No other day (well except Halloween maybe) provides you the opportunity and the excuse to dress up your pets.  Try on some new outfits.  Give them a new personality.  Just remember to keep it safe and don’t stress them out if they’re not into it.  National Dress up your pet day is the day to showcase the personality in your pet.

What is national dress up your pet day all about?

National Dress Up Your Pet Day was founded in 2009 by Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Behaviorist, Colleen Paige.  Yet shockingly, there is no presidential proclamation or congressional backing behind this day. But hey they do have a website you can check out at

3 things to do to celebrate #DressUpYourPetDay today

dress up your pet1. Dress up your favorite furry companion in your/their favorite outfit!  There are many websites and places you can buy pet outfits.  In Japan they even have vending machines to purchase hats for cats (true!)  Try a Google image search to find the outfit you’re looking for.

2. Be sure to get some good photos of how happy your pets are in their human clothes.  You’ve seen the pictures online in your favorite social media sites of animals loathing the outfits they’ve been dressed in.  And we’ve seen plenty of Golden Retrievers with the Lions’ mane that they purchased on Amazon.  So get out your camera or your smartphone and click away.

3. Post your photos to social media and tag them with #DressUpUourPetDay so that they get shared and trend.

Remember that safety always comes first.  Some pets are not meant to be dressed up so we’re just as happy to see them in the nude!

National dress up your pet day