National Farmers Day

National Farmers Day

National Farmers Day is a holiday celebrated every 12th of October in honor of all the dedicated farmers that work tirelessly to feed and supply a nation. On this special day, everyone is encouraged to show gratitude to these local heroes in any way that they can—whether it be through supporting farmers’ markets or making charitable donations to local farms. However, let’s not forget that heroes have sidekicks, and our local farmers aren’t working alone. They have dedicated animals that work alongside them every day and help them with daily tasks, like plowing the field, transporting food, and cultivating the soil.

As we observe National Farmers Day, let’s make sure to recognize both the humans and animals that make the miracle of agriculture possible.


Animals That Help Farmers


Cows are one of the most common animals found on farms. If you visit any farm, cows will most likely be the first farm animal you’ll see. That’s because cows are highly valued for their milk and meat, which can serve as a food source for the farmers or a way for them to earn money. Additionally, farm-raised cows also produce manure that helps fertilize the soil.



Chickens help farmers by producing eggs, as well as meat, to be sold as locally-grown produce. Since they’re normally fed a special diet to keep them healthy and strong, their feces are also a valuable source of nutrients for the soil.



Most farmers use horses to help them do their daily tasks around the farm, such as transporting food, gathering farm animals in a particular area, and herding large numbers of cattle or sheep from one place to another.


Sheep and Goats

Like cows, sheep and goats are raised for milk and meat. When allowed to graze, both animals also help farmers by fertilizing the soil with manure and removing unwanted plants, like weeds and flowers, that may compete with the crops for nutrients.


How to Observe National Farmers Day


Support farmers’ markets

National Farmers DayNational Farmers Day falls on October 12, but most areas hold festivals or farmers’ markets on several different dates all throughout the month. Be on the lookout for any farmers’ day festivals or markets that may take place in your town or somewhere near your neighborhood. You can support these events by helping your local farmers get the word out through social media, inviting your friends or relatives to go, and of course, buying some of their fresh, locally-grown produce.

If you want, you can even sign yourself up as an on-site volunteer at a local farmer’s market. Most of the staff that keep these markets running smoothly are volunteers and their tasks can range from simply greeting shoppers and signing up new volunteers to manning the information booth and transferring the produce from trucks onto their designated baskets.


Get to know your local farmers

National Farmers DayLiving in the city for a long time and getting used to buying easily accessible food in grocery stores can sometimes make us forget about the effort that goes into producing the unprocessed version of the milk we have in the fridge. For National Farmers Day, you can try visiting a local farm and get to know a farmer. They’ll appreciate the time you took to drop by and have a little chat with them.

If you ever go to a farmers’ market, you can simply talk to one there. As you shop, you can ask farmers about products and how they grow them. Don’t forget to thank them for their hard work!



Unfortunately, despite the blood and sweat, most farmers hardly make enough money. That’s why making a charitable donation to local and organic farms is very important. Not only does it help farmers continue their work but it also helps them support their families. As people who rely on these local heroes, it’s the least we can do for them.

There are plenty of ways to make donations. Aside from going to a farm and personally giving a monetary donation, you can also go online and find a reputable organization that supports farmers.

Feel free to check these ones out:


How do you plan on showing appreciation to farmers on National Farmers Day?