National Faux Fur Friday

National Faux Fur FridayFur wasn’t always the fashion statement piece that it is now. In fact, our ancestors from thousands of centuries ago hunted and killed animals for their fur solely out of necessity. From birth, most animals are gifted with soft, thick hair that keeps them warm through cold seasons, but humans aren’t. So taken over by their need to survive, our ancestors made the very first fur coats to protect themselves during wintertime.

As time went by, fur coats started becoming a symbol of wealth among the people. Anybody who was anybody had a fur coat. However, not everyone was willing to spend thousands of bucks for a coat. Then, faux fur came into the picture—affordable, yet soft, lush, and almost as fabulous as the real thing. People went crazy for it! So crazy, in fact, that factories that made them had to shut down for a while. Until now, faux fur holds a special place in the fashion industry, as well as the hearts of many fashionistas around the world. In honor of faux fur, we celebrate National Faux Fur Friday every 6th of December.



10 Faux Fur Facts

National Faux Fur FridayFact # 1: The first few attempts to create faux fur used alpaca hairs.

Fact # 2: Acrylic polymers then replaced alpaca hairs.

Fact # 3: Modern faux furs were made in the 1950s.

Fact # 4: Faux fur is also known as mock fur and imitation fur.

Fact # 5: 10 years ago, many celebrities swore they’d only wear faux fur and signed PETA’s “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign.

Fact # 6: Faux fur is also used as stuffing in toys, pillows, and beddings.

Fact # 7: Today’s technology has allowed faux fur to have the same qualities that people love about real fur.

Fact # 8: Most high-end faux furs are made from synthetic acrylic knitted fabric.

Fact # 9: Up until 2012, companies were allowed to label their fur coats as faux as long as they use less than 150 dollars’ worth of real fur.

Fact # 10: Unlike real fur, fake fur doesn’t require cold storage to stay viable.



5 Benefits of Using Faux Fur


It’s affordable

Compared to real fur, faux fur is considerably cheaper. However, that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in quality. Modern advancements have allowed faux furs to be up to par with most real furs in terms of comfort, feel, style, and durability. You won’t have to break the bank to achieve the classy, elegant appeal that faux furs automatically add to almost any outfit.


It’s easy to clean

Another great thing about faux fur is that they’re pretty easy to clean. Since they’re made out of synthetic fibers, like acrylic and polyester, there’s no need to get them professionally cleaned. Some variations are even safe to be thrown in a washing machine on a gentle cycle. However, it’s best to skip the dryer and hang them to dry instead.


It’s long-lasting

Unlike real fur that deteriorates over time, faux fur actually looks better with every wear. Since real furs need to be dyed to achieve certain colors, they usually fade out in a year or two. High-quality faux fur, on the other hand, can withstand years of use and stay in good condition for a long time.


It’s easy to store

Real fur comes from live animals so strict storage conditions will need to be followed to keep it from deteriorating or being eaten by moths. Faux fur, however, can simply be hanged or folded inside the cabinet together with other pieces of clothing. You can rest assured that despite temperature changes, it’ll stay intact.


It’s guilt-free

Investing in faux fur doesn’t come with the guilt of knowing that an innocent animal was killed for an item that you now own. If it’s a coat or a jacket, then you can bet that more than one animal was skinned alive for it, which is terribly devastating.



How to Celebrate National Faux Fur Friday


National Faux Fur FridayGet Yourself a Faux Fur Item

If you don’t own any faux fur items or are looking to add a new one to your collection, then National Faux Fur Friday is the best time to go faux fur shopping! Most stores, including those online, offer special deals on their faux fur products in celebration of the holiday. Better take advantage of that!


Have a Faux Fur Party

You can also invite some friends and family over for a faux fur-themed party! Ask everyone to come in their best faux fur outfit and see which one of you tramples over the rest. Don’t forget to snap some photos and post them on social media with a caption that raises awareness about the real fur industry!


What are your plans for National Faux Fur Friday?