Losing your pet is akin to losing your child – your grief is real

Pet LossWe know that likely all of you out there have lost a pet somewhere along the way and we want you to know and recognize that your grief is real.  Today is national grief awareness day and a day to recognize what holding grief inside can do.

Humans are emotional beings and we are born with the ability to love, feel empathy and feel loss.  Whether we lost a human family member or a furry family member, recognizing our grief is something that doesn’t always come easy so an awareness day is important to remind us how powerful this feeling can be.

If you know someone that has lost a family member in the past year, furry or otherwise, use this opportunity to reach out and check in with them.  The loss of a pet is always an emotional time and one that only time can heal but they will appreciate your kindness in checking in with them, and welcome your awareness of their healing process.

Pet Grief - Saying Goodbye