National Hammock Day

National Hammock Day

Kick your feet up and relax because today is National Hammock Day! On July 22nd, enjoy the perks of summer by resting, swinging, or sleeping in a comfortable hammock under your favorite pair of trees.  We live in such a busy world, so it is so important to take the time to slow down from the hustle and bustle of daily life!


Hammock History…Did You Know?

Did you know that hammocks were originally developed by Central and South American natives for sleeping? The first hammocks were made from tree bark, and later the bark was replaced by sisal fibers, a species of Agave native to southern Mexico.

Then, in the 1920s, parents throughout North America began to use fabric hammocks to hold babies that were just learning to crawl.  The hanging swings were a safe and comfortable place to keep babies without fear of them falling or crawling away when their parents weren’t looking!

National Hammock DayLater, hammocks were then adopted by sailors on warships.  The swings were used to maximize space on vessels where small areas prevented the use of permanent bunk beds.  A hammock was perfect for sleeping quarters, as a hung hammock moved with the motion of the ship on the water.  An even better perk?  Hammocks prevented the sailors from being thrown about 5 or 6ft onto the floor during rough seas since the swings were mobile.  Additionally, a hammock provided much more comfortable sleep than a bunk bed did on a ship, as it kept the sailors well-balanced while it swung concurrently with the water.

Today, hammocks are made of fabric, rope, or netting.  There are some designed specifically for backpacking, complete with mosquito netting and pockets for storage.  You can find people resting in the swing in local parks, near lakes and rivers, or even in their own backyards!


Get Your Pet A Hammock!

National Hammock DayHammocks are not only for humans- get your pet a hammock to lounge in, too!  A cat hammock can be elevated off of the floor for your cat to sleep, sit, or lay in.  They are perfect for cats that like to bird watch, as they can be mounted to the wall or window, but you can also purchase free-standing ones as well.  Cat hammocks are comfortable and soft and are perfect whether your cat wants to be indoors or outdoors.

Important Features to Think About For Cats

1. Choose the right location in your home. The type of hammock you choose will depend on where you decide to put it in your home.  If you want to mount one near a window so that your cat can bask in the sun or bird watch, consider a hammock that can be mounted on the wall or window.  If you want a hammock that can be next to your bed, choose one with a stand.  If your cat does not use the hammock, try relocating the swing to a different area in your home.

2. Make sure it is washable. It is inevitable that the cat hammock you choose will get dirty.  Even though cats are typically clean animals overall, they do shed and occasionally have dirty paws.  Pick a hammock that can be thrown into the washing machine or easily hand-washed.

3. Choose the right size for your pet.  Pet hammocks are made for all shapes and sizes of cats. While most cats will fit in the average cat hammock, if you have a larger cat, you may want to look for one that will hold 20+ pounds.  If you have multiple cats, get a hammock that holds more weight, as it is likely that the hammock will be holding two cats at once.


Dog Hammocks In the Car

National Hammock DayDog hammocks are great to protect your car from dog hair and dirt while ensuring the safety of your pet. Simply slip the loops over the two front headrests, and the other two loops will fit over the back two headrests, creating a “U” shaped hammock.  Car hammocks create a wall between the front and back of the car so that your dog cannot jump into the front seat while you are driving.  Hammocks can also keep your pet safer in the event of a hard stop in the car.  Your dog cannot fall onto the floor of the backseat or fly forward into the front.  Not to mention how comfortable they are!


Hammocks are great for people and pets alike! Do you or your pet have a hammock?  Let us know where your pet’s favorite spot to relax is in your home!