Happy heart hugs day- June 28

June 28 – Happy Heart Hugs Day

As we near the end of June, it’s time to celebrate Happy Heart Hugs Day in honor of Archie Brindleton. Who was Archie Brindleton you ask? Well he was a super happy and cute French bulldog that inspired this day in the first place.

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The idea behind this wonderful day is to send love to those that you cannot physically hug or just haven’t seen in a while. In the animal rescue world we know how prevalent this can be with many people having worked together saving animals for years, but never had the opportunity to connect with one another in person.

So on Happy Heart Hugs Day this means all of those fabulous animal rescue volunteers across the country that have been rescue relay drivers for years deserve to get a Happy Heart Hug from you. Whether by text, email or Facebook Messenger, tell them how much you care and send them this virtual hug in honor of Archie Brindleton or in honor of your favorite dog.

Archie won’t mind.

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