Horse Rescue Day is today May 16th.  What can you do to help?

At the Animal Rescue Professionals Association, we celebrate and support animal rescue professionals from all walks of life. Animals of all kinds need our help and today we bring attention to horses with an animal rescue day dedicated entirely to them.

Founded by the RSPCA of Australia, National Horse Rescue Day seeks to raise awareness to the mis-treatment of horses and the challenges that running a horse rescue organization can bring. These majestic creatures can live to 25 or 30 years and they are expensive to own. Unfortunately many people are not able to afford proper care for the horse they purchased and either mis-treat or neglect these sentient beings leaving the Horse Rescues to have to come save them.

As you might expect the challenges of Horse Rescue are very different than those of companion animals like cats or dogs. Even simple things like transportation take on a whole new level of challenge when the animal you are transporting weighs hundreds of pounds. Thankfully there are amazing organizations like Fleet of Angels that seeks to connect horse owners with trailers, with rescued horses that need transportation.

There is interesting research out there regarding the number of people and households that have the ability and willingness to help horses in need.  According to the ASPCA, 1.2 million households—or approximately 2.3 million adults—in the United States have both the resources and desire to adopt horses in need.  If you are one of them there are many very reputable horse rescues across the country that would welcome your help and support.

If you’re not familiar with horse rescue then we invite you to take the opportunity today to learn more about Horse Rescue through Horse Alliance organizations in your state. The Wisconsin Horse Alliance as an example is a wealth of information and resources and can help connect you with resources in your state doing similar great work.  They can help you get a better understanding of the local need and areas that you can get involved to help.



What will you do to help horses today on National Horse Rescue Day?