It’s national hugging day! – Do dogs or cats give the best hugs?

January 21 is National Hugging Day

Today is national hugging day and so you have an excuse to hug everyone you meet.  Just make sure you tell them why.  So we were wondering whether dogs or cats or maybe some other animal give the best hugs.  Care to weigh in?

Dogs give the best hugs

dog hugsBefore we show you pictures of dogs hugging, we should make sure to mention that not all dogs are down with this form of engagement.  Remember that dogs are great runners for a reason.  In the wild they can quickly get away from situations that they don’t like or predators that are hunting them.  While it is true that some dogs may enjoy your embrace, others will be secretly waiting for you to finish so they can move away.

The key to hugging dogs is to approach it slowly and carefully watch their body language.  They’ll let you know if they are not happy with the close contact and embrace you’re wanting.  If their ears are back or their eyes get super dilated and wide you may want to re-think your strategy.

Cats are better huggers than dogs

cat hugJust like their canine friends, not all cats are down with the idea of you tightly embracing them in what we call a hug.  Depending on your feline friends’ needs, you should shy away from this idea.  You’ll notice their swishy tail and laid back ears and their constant squirming to get away from you.  If you see these signs then your cat is just not down with this so go find a human friend instead.

When you want to hug your cat you want to approach it slowly and not just swoop in like a predator and scoop them up.  If they’re rubbing around your legs and you bend down to pick them up, they may be ok with it.  But if you’re finding they are clawing their way over the top of your shoulder or growling at the mere thought of embracing with you, be sure to reverse course and put them back down.

Got a great picture of your loving cat or dog happy to be embraced?  Share it and celebrate the day for hugs!

National Hugging Day