National I Forgot Day – July 2

Today we celebrate…oh wait…I forgot…was that a day?

Please don't forget about me, I forgot dayWho would have thought that there was a national day for people like us that forget things.  Ever since we were kids we…well…um…we don’t really remember the point we were making and that’s ok with us.

But on national I forgot day the important thing to remember is that you did not forget about the animals.  Because if you do, that will REALLY be a problem for us.  There are too many “I forgots” in the world when it comes to animal rescue and you can’t forget the importance of animal rescue to the well-being of our furry companions.

So on national I forgot day we’re going to be proactive and apologize to our pets for all of the mistakes we have made and those mistakes that we are going to make because we are so forgetful.

  • Oh that’s right, I forgot that the bed is yours and yours alone. I’ll just go sleep on the floor in the other room.  Don’t worry about me.
  • Nevermind, I forgot that you eat first and I’ll get whatever you don’t finish.
  • I forgot that you’d like some privacy when you’re doing your business on the end of a 6 foot leash in the middle of the park.  How rude of me.
  • Silly me. I forgot that cats are the superior species and that my role in life is to service you.  It won’t happen again my liege.
  • 18 hours a day of sleep is normal.  My apologies.   I forgot.

What’s your favorite I forgot on this national day?  It’s ok, you can tell us.  We’ll remember.