We don’t feel like letting you know today is National Lazy Day…but we will.

lazy peopleWe have to give credit to the unknown founders of National Lazy Day because if you’re that focused on being lazy, what would motivate you to even fill out the paperwork to create a National Lazy Day in the first place?

Of course, another theory is that this was a day that the cats put together to get us humans to slow down a bit and enjoy some rest and relaxation. After all, they are the model for the term “lazy” sleeping upwards of 18 hours out of a 24 hour day usually only waking up to eat, bat a few feathers, and then snuggle back into our laps for another bout of restful sleep.

animal rescuer, paw and handWe know for sure that National Lazy Day was not created by animal rescuers because these tireless warriors fight around the clock for animals of all kind.  Perhaps while you’re lounging on the couch today enjoying your laziness, you’d like to look into how you too can help animal by becoming an animal rescuer.

There’s lot of things you can do and our friends at Doobert.com would be glad to show you the ropes.  You can be an animal rescue transporter, a temporary animal foster home, or even a virtual volunteer helping to coordinate rescue relay transports across the country.  

And hey, we won’t mind if you wait until tomorrow to check out the ways you can help animals.  After all, today is Lazy Day.