National Love People Day

National Love People Day

National Love People DayIn this era, the word love is often thrown around so casually, almost to the point where people are starting to forget what it actually means. Yes, countless songs, stories, and poems are being written about it, but try to look around for a minute—what do you see? Are we really taking to heart all the songs we hear about love? Or the poems and stories we read about it? Are we reflecting that love to the people around us? That’s something to consider on National Love People Day.

Celebrated every 30th of September, National Love People day aims to remind everyone of the true meaning of unconditional love: giving love without expecting anything in return. For National Love People Day, let’s throw all the hate and discrimination out the window and show love not only to our fellow humans but also to animals.



On National Love People Day..

1. Apologize to the people you’ve hurt

If you’ve recently fought with someone, or perhaps had a serious falling out with a friend or family member, then National Love People Day is the perfect time to approach them and say that you’re sorry. It can be a little scary at first, especially when you have no idea how they’d react, or if they’d even acknowledge your apology, but whatever the outcome, knowing that you tried can make it easier for you to heal emotionally.

Apologizing lets the other person know that you’re taking responsibility for your actions and respecting their right to be hurt. Sometimes, that alone can open the way to forgiveness.


2. Forgive the people who have hurt you

National Love People Day is all about love, and what is love without forgiveness? So, forgive those who may have hurt you in the past, whether or not they’ve asked you to do so. When you forgive, you remove the unnecessary weight of resentment from your shoulders and free yourself of the pain that may have held you back from enjoying a love-filled heart and a peaceful mind.


3. Prepare a little something for your neighbors

On National Love People Day, cooking a dish or two and sharing it with your neighbors might be a great idea. You can bring the food over to your neighbors, or better yet, invite them over to celebrate the holiday with you over a nice meal. To make it more fun, you can even have a barbecue or a small party so that more people can come over and take part in observing the special day. Who knows? The gathering may spark some new friendships or turn foes into friends.


4. Thank your friends and family members

Make sure to contact your friends and family members on National Love People Day and thank them for their presence in your life. If you have some extra time, you can visit them or maybe arrange a nice dinner to catch up and spend some time with the people you love the most.


5. Show your pet that you appreciate them

National Love People Day reminds us to show love to EVERYONE, so let’s not forget our pets. Let them enjoy a few extra treats today or maybe buy them a new toy!  If you have a knack for creating delicious pet treats, then you can also whip something up for your pet. We’re sure they’ll love it!


6. Donate to your local animal shelter

Another way to spread the love on National Love People Day is to donate to your local animal shelter or rescue. You may donate money or simply a few items no longer needed in your home, such as blankets, towels, old newspapers, or even cleaning supplies. Love can be expressed in a lot of ways, and sharing is one of the best.


7. Open your home to a shelter animal

While we’re on the topic of love, why not open your home to a shelter animal this National Love People Day? Plenty of animals are in need of loving forever homes and every year, thousands of them are being euthanized just because no one is interested in taking them in. If you’re planning to get another pet, please consider adopting one from your local animal shelter or rescue. If you have the patience and resources, give those that are older, or have special needs, a chance. They’re the ones that are most deprived of love and are less likely to find a home. If adoption isn’t an option for you, then you can always foster. It’s a huge help to the shelter or rescue and the best way to show animals that you care.


How do you plan on celebrating National Love People Day?