National Pet Memorial Day

National Pet Memorial Day

National Pet Memorial DayFor most people, pets are more than just animals.  They become part of the family and grow to be our best friends.  We quickly become attached to them and the loss of a pet can be devastating.

Each year on the second Sunday in September, pet owners come together to honor their animals, both past and present, and to think about the important and loving role that their pets have played in their lives.


How To Observe The Holiday

On National Pet Memorial Day, take a few minutes to show your appreciation for your pet, and to celebrate their life.  Below are a few ideas of ways to celebrate your pet’s memory:


1. Plant A Tree Or Flower As A Living Memorial

If your pet is buried in a cemetery or in your backyard, try planting a tree on top of your pet’s grave.  As the tree begins to grow, it will give you some satisfaction knowing that you have helped the environment and that your pet is growing with the tree.


2. Light A Candle

Lighting a pet memorial candle is a great way to pay tribute to pets who have passed.  Light a candle on your pet’s birthday or on the day that they passed to honor their memory. Lighting a candle and talking about your pet and the good times you shared together can make you feel better and more at peace.


3. Visit Your Pet’s Resting Place

If your pet was buried in a pet cemetery, take flowers, wreaths, or other items to decorate their resting site.  If your pet is buried in your backyard, you can plant flowers around the grave or sit and have a picnic lunch there.


4. Create A Scrapbook Or Memorial Video

Pictures are a great way to remember your pet.  Find some of your favorite photos and put them into a scrapbook for safe-keeping.  Whenever you are feeling sad or want to remember your pet, open the book and look through the memories to remind you of the good times.  Additionally, you could put all of the pictures into a video montage.


5. Create A Keepsake Box

Put all of your pet’s things into a box and store it away.  Items could include a collar, your pet’s favorite toys, or even his or her ashes.  Keep the box in a dry, safe place, and take it down to look at whenever you want to revisit your pet’s memory.


6. Volunteer Your Time

Honor your pet’s memory by volunteering to help other animals.  Shelters and rescues always need help!  Visit your local animal shelter or rescue to walk dogs, socialize puppies and kittens, or to clean cages.  Any help that you can provide will be greatly appreciated and welcomed!


7. Donate Or Contribute To A Charitable Organization

A great way to remember your pet is to make a donation in your pet’s honor to a rescue or a shelter to help other animals.  Donating money or supplies can help the animals that are waiting to find their forever homes.


8. Adopt Or Foster

If you have the ability to bring a new animal into your home, adopting or fostering can be very rewarding.  Make sure that you are in a good place and that you are emotionally ready to bring home a new animal.  If you are unable to adopt, fostering a cat or a dog can temporarily bring an animal into a loving home until they can be permanently placed.


9. Attend An Event

Many cities put on a community event to bring pet owners together to celebrate the life of past pets.  Many of these events hold a ceremony that allows participants to write messages and bring photos of their pets to express gratitude and love that they have for their animals.  The events typically also feature music, activities, and food, and are family-friendly.  Check your local events to see if a city near you is hosting a memorial ceremony!


Keeping your pet’s memory alive is the most important part of this day!  No matter what you choose to do to remember your pet, take a moment out of your day to honor the important role that your pet played in your life.


How do you remember your past pets? Let us know how you honor their memory!