National Take Your Dog To Work Day

National Take Your Dog To Work Day

Wish you could take your dog to work with you?  Well, now you can! Take Your Dog To Work Day is more than just a fun day to spend with your dog.  It raises awareness about pet adoption and allows for more opportunities for employees to connect with others at work.

This holiday was first celebrated back in 1999.  It was created by Pet Sitters International in order to encourage pet adoptions and recognize how great dogs are as companions.  This day is always celebrated on the Friday after Father’s Day and encourages employers and employees to support their local pet community.



Why Should You Bring Your Dog To Work With You?

Taking your dog to work with you is a great way to start conversations and create collaboration between departments.  Dogs are great conversation starters and people from all over the office will come over to meet your dog.  Animals bring us so much joy, so why not enjoy their company all day and share the companionship with others!


Things To Consider As An Employer

Think about your workspace. Make sure the space in which you work is pet-friendly.  If you work in a restaurant National Take Your Dog To Work Dayor hospital, there are health codes that prevent employees and the public from bringing in animals.  Libraries or corporate offices are usually a good place for well-behaved pets.

Can your space be dog-proofed? Dogs like to chew on things, especially when they are bored or if they are puppies. Are you able to protect computer and phone cords, as well as any other office equipment that a dog might use as a chew toy?  Plants can be toxic to pets, so make sure that any greenery or flowers can be moved out of reach for the day.  Additionally, make sure that your office has an area where all of the dogs can go outside to go to the bathroom.

Partner with your local shelter. This special day can also be charitable!  Talk to your local shelter about what their current needs are in terms of supplies, and ask your employees to bring in a donation item if they choose to participate in the holiday.


How To Approach Your Boss About Participating 

Explain the benefits of dogs as co-workers: Studies have shown that animals in the office reduce stress. National Take Your Dog To Work DayThey are comforting and provide emotional support for employees, especially those under strict deadlines or after a tough meeting.  Additionally, taking your dog to work can be beneficial for dogs that have separation anxiety. Dogs at the office, whether it is always allowed or just on this holiday, can also be an incentive to potentially bring in and keep top talent at your company.  Think about how many dog lovers wish they could be with their furry companion 24/7.  Now they can!  Take Your Dog To Work Day can also allow for positive social media attention for your company.  Think about all of the posts from employees tagging their pup at their workplace!

Volunteer to organize: Volunteer to take the reins and organize the whole day.  Talk to those in the office, and get a headcount on how many people want to participate.  Acquire proof from dog owners that their pets are up-to-date on vaccinations, as well as flea and tick medications. Make sure all dogs are well trained, do not bark, and are trained to go to the bathroom outside.  Additionally, make sure that the dogs are not aggressive towards people or other dogs.

Understand you are still at work: It is important to communicate with your fellow employees that work is still work, even if dogs are present.  Make sure everyone understands this concept, as your boss is more likely to make this an annual event if things go smoothly and if all deadlines are still met on time.

Highlight examples of successful companies that participate: Etsy, Amazon, and Google are among the well-known companies that allow dogs in the workplace.  Show your boss studies about dogs reducing stress at work, and how big companies are allowing pets.

Be prepared: Let your boss know about your plan to keep dogs entertained and cared for while they are in the office. Create a list to hand out to coworkers with suggested items to bring on the holiday.  This list can include food and water bowls, food, bags for poop, and paper towels just in case!  Bring a puzzle toy or Kong full of treats to help keep dogs occupied while you work.  Lastly, bring a collar and leash to maintain control of your pup if needed, and to go outside to let your dog relieve him or herself.

Offer information about the holiday: Download Pet Sitters International’s Free Tool Kit for step-by-step instructions for planning a Take Your Dog To Work Day in your office, tips for winning over your boss, and more!


Take Your Dog to Work Day can be a great way to meet others in your office, as well as a chance to raise awareness about animal shelters and pet adoptions. Just make sure that you have prepared for the day, and that everyone in the office is on board to celebrate, too! You have a great opportunity to start an annual tradition with amazing benefits!


Is your office dog-friendly?  Do you feel like you connect better with others and are more stress-free at the office in a dog-friendly environment? Let us know!