National Thank-You Note Day

December 26 is recognized as National Thank You Note Day. It is that one day of the year when you can write a special thank you note to someone who has been special in your life. The occasion is celebrated right after Christmas Day so you can take the time to send out thank-you notes to the people who send you a gift. 

There is truly something special in a thank you note. But did you know that you can also write a thank you note to your dog? Even though your dog won’t be able to read it themselves, you can read it aloud to them to let them know how much you appreciate their loyalty and companionship. You can also write a thank you note to a dog who has passed away to set your emotions free from the hurt you experienced. Lastly, you can write a thank you note to your dog-sitter as a way of showing your appreciation for them being there when you needed help. 

But how do you write a thank-you note? Here are some tips on how you can write a letter to your dog or your favorite dog-sitter! 


Start with a Greeting

When you start writing your thank you note, you should always include the greeting. Make sure that you are using the right spelling of your dog’s or dog sitter’s name. You can start your note by writing: “Dear Sam” or make things personal: “To the best dog (or dog-sitter) in the world”.


Say Thank You

In our busy lives today, we often forget to say thank you. And it is so easy to forget just how powerful saying, “thank you” can be. 

In your letter, you can express your thanks by being direct, “Thank you so much for” or by being more articulate, “I’m so grateful for everything you have done.”


Include Specific Details

Remember to include important details about why you are thanking them. For your dog, you can include specific information, like how they were able to bring joy in your life. You can even go personal with your note and let them know how your life has changed ever since they came. In this part of your note, you can include all the things that you are grateful for.


Plans for the Future

You can include some of your plans for the future as a way of letting your dog or dog-sitter know that you value them and want them in your life long-term. If you are writing to your dog-sitter, you can include your plans to hire them the next time you go out of town so they know that you plan to continue using their services. 


Say Thank You Again 

Take another opportunity to express your appreciation for whatever they have done. You can write “I am so blessed that you are here with me and that you have made me complete.” 



Now it’s time to end your note. You can use “Sincerely” or any other way you can say your regards to your dog or dog-sitter. 

Once you have written your thank-you note to your dog, you can sit them down beside you and snuggle them under a comfortable blanket. You can read your note aloud to your dog and be sure to pat his head every so often. It is one way you can express your appreciation to your dog and he will be able to feel what you are trying to say to him. 


Will you be writing a thank you note to your dog today?