National Waterpark Day

Grab your bathing suit and floaties because today is National Waterpark Day! The summer heat can be just as unbearable for dogs as it is for us humans. Just think about all that warm fur that dogs have to wear all day!  Let your pet cool off in the water and join in on today’s fun activities!


Visit A Dog-Only Waterpark in St. Louis

Unfortunately, most waterparks are not pet-friendly and do not allow you to bring your pup along on your day trip.  Can you imagine all of the dog hair that would be in the pools? Yuck!  However, the fun doesn’t stop here.  Your dog can still enjoy the water on a hot summer day, especially if you are in St. Louis.  Petropolis Pet Resort is a resort for dogs in St. Louis, featuring a dog-only waterpark.  The resort features three, 6-foot-tall misting water arches, a 10-foot-tall umbrella with a curtain of water, and a giant 4-foot-tall fire hydrant that bubbles water.  But that’s not all.  Your dog can run after a water chaser controlled by staff, or cool off in 18 foaming, misting, and steady flowing water jets.  The waterpark, known as Canine Cove, is currently under construction but will soon be ready for dogs of all shapes and sizes to enjoy!  During the winter months, the waterpark space will be used as a ball pit for dogs to get some exercise.  How fun!

Have Some Fun In The Backyard

National Waterpark DayNot in St. Louis?  No worries.  Your dog can still enjoy the perks of summer and splash around in the comfort of your own backyard.  Below are three ways that we suggest you bring on the water:

Make A Dog Pool– this is actually a lot easier (and smaller) than you may think!  All you need is a plastic kiddie pool that you can purchase from your local store, and some water from the garden hose.  Fill up the pool and your dog will splash around for hours if you let her!

Play in the Sprinklers– For this activity, hook up a free-standing sprinkler to the hose in your backyard.  Some sprinklers even have settings where you can change the direction that they spray!

Use the Hose Alone– if you don’t have a sprinkler or kiddie pool, you can hose your dog down with the garden hose!  Your dog will love running back and forth through the stream, and he may even try to sneak in a drink of water (which can be quite amusing if the stream is at full strength)!


Make A Splash At Your Local Pool 

National Waterpark DayMany community pools have doggie splash days at the end of summer right before the pool closes for the season.  This is a great way for your dog to cool off, to socialize, and to hang out with other pooches.  Check out your local pool for the date and time of your local splash day.

While at the pool, bring a doggie life vest if you are not confident in your pup’s swimming abilities.  This will give you peace of mind if for some reason you lose track of your dog.  For some extra fun, you can also bring dog toys for the more experienced divers.  Throw the weighted toys into the bottom of the pool (make sure it is not too deep), and watch your dog dive down to the bottom to retrieve them!  Is your dog a less experienced diver?  No problem!  Bring dog toys that float on the surface of the water so that your pup can still participate in the fun of retrieving.

As a reminder, the chlorine that is found in most swimming pools makes the water unsafe for your dog to drink.  Always bring a fresh supply of drinking water and a dog bowl to drink out of.  Chlorine can also irritate some dog’s skin, so bring an extra bottle full of water to rinse your pup off when playtime is over.


At the Lake, Beach, or River

National Waterpark DayIf you want to get back to nature, visit your local lake, beach, or river for some fun in the water.  Keep in mind, not all of these places are pet-friendly, so make sure you research the spot you plan on visiting first. Once there, your dog can participate in dock jumping, boating, towing, floating, and retrieving toys from the water.  Just make sure you keep away from stagnant water that can host mosquitoes and other parasites.  Additionally, keep an eye out for other potential dangers such as snakes, algae, and broken glass.  Stay away from fast water and strong currents to avoid your dog from getting swept out to sea or down the river.  Bring drinking water, food, and food and water bowls with you, in addition to towels and a doggie life vest.



So whether you choose to bring your dog to a dog-only waterpark, or if you choose to celebrate this holiday with water in some other way, make sure your dog is in on the fun and can splash around with you!