National Wildlife Day – Slow down; give a squirrel a break today!

Deer in fieldWe can start to smell the fall in the air now.  The kids are going back to school and the leaves are starting to tinge with color as the days get shorter, like the number of times a week that we need to cut our grass. 

As we start to blend into fall, it’s important to remember to watch for squirrels and other wildlife, because the chances of them crossing our paths is more frequent than we normally might imagine.

Elephant on dirt roadToday is national wildlife day which is a day to celebrate those animals that are not our domesticated pets.  Whether robins or raccoons, squirrels or Canadian geese, our animal wildlife friends co-exist with us and share the resources of the earth with us.  And today is a day to stop and listen, to watch and marvel, to respect and appreciate our furry and feathered animal neighbors.

monkey taking cover in rainOriginally founded in 2005, National Wildlife day is a day to focus on endangered species around the world and a day to recognize the animals that we co-exist with.  It was founded as a memorial to the late Steve Irwin who was a champion for animals and someone passionate about raising awareness to endangered species.

squirrel national wildlife daySo as you’re thinking about your upcoming labor day weekend, slow down a bit and give your fellow neighborhood squirrels a brake as they scurry about trying to collect their wares for winter.  And consider making a donation to the World Wildlife Fund or other wildlife charities that focus on doing good for animals. They’ll appreciate your generous giving and you’ll be paying-it-forward to help animals.