Today is a global movement called “One Voice Day”

You may have heard about it already in the local news media, or seen it on your favorite social media feed but just in case you haven’t, we want to remind you that today is One Voice Day.

Animal welfare takes a village, One Voice Day‘One Voice Day’ is a global initiative to unite all countries of the world in the reading of the Universal Peace Covenant at exactly 6 p.m. UT on July 26 each year. The Universal Peace Covenant is a 577-word pledge and plea to bring families, countries and the world together in a peaceful co-existence. During this time individuals and groups in all parts of the world unite spiritually to declare their commitment to global peace.

We’d like to further extend the intent of this magical day of peace uniting the world, to bring together the animal rescuers from all walks of life together in a common goal.  On this day we invite you to drop the competition, drama and negativity that so often dominates our industry, and instead share the love, respect and compassion for animals that we have, with one another.  Make this day about peace for both mankind and animals alike and share in the magical bonds that exist between us.  Today we hope you will celebrate peace with your fellow rescuer and share the love of animals with all the world.

We want to know. How will you participate in One Voice Day?