April is poetry month – so how about some dog poetry?

Do you have some good poems about animals?

It’s April and that means it’s National Poetry Month!

It’s springtime and unless you’re livin’ in Wisconsin like me, the temperatures are rising and the snow is melting away. The grass is re-growing and all of those birds that flew south for the winter are returning to fill the silence with their songs and chirping.

Since April is poetry month, we thought we would celebrate by sharing our favorite poems about animals. What’s your favorite animal poem?

The truth I do not stretch or shove
When I state that the dog is full of love.
I’ve also found, by actual test,
A wet dog is the lovingest.
– Ogden Nash

Kittens kittens everywhere
Kittens chewing on my hair
Kittens climbing up my jeans
Kittens hanging from the screens
There’s a kitten on each shoulder
Will they do this when they’re older?
Kittens fighting on the chairs
Kittens tumbling down the stairs
There’s a kitten on my head
There’s a kitten in the bread!
There’s a kitten in my shoe
I don’t believe we just have two!
– William Wordsworth

There is nothing so sweet as a bunny
A dear, little, sweet, little bunny
He can hop on his toes
He can wiggle his nose
And his powder puff tail is quite funny.