May 1st is Purebred Dog Day – Can you guess how many local animal shelter dogs are purebreds?

May 1 is also “May Day” but we think purebred dogs are much cooler!

It’s finally May. The trees are in full bloom, and the grass already needs to be mowed. It’s May Day to many but did you know that today is also known as Purebred Dog Day?

We know what you’re thinking, the Animal Rescue Professionals Association is celebrating purebred dogs? (gasp!) What many people may not realize is that statistics show that 25% of dogs in animal shelters are purebred dogs. That’s right, your local animal shelter has a 1 in 4 chance of having purebred dogs in their kennels.  How many of you actually knew that statistic?

Let’s also be clear that we always recommend, prefer, support, endorse and encourage people to adopt from their local animal shelter or favorite animal rescue…but we also say that as long as potential animal adopters work with reputable breeders and ALWAYS spay or neuter their pet to keep from making the overpopulation problem worse that selecting a purebred is ok in certain circumstances.  Of course you will miss out on the fun and enjoyment of connecting with your local animal shelter or favorite animal rescue and you will miss out on the opportunity to know you made a positive impact by saving an animal who might otherwise be euthanized, but hey, we don’t judge.

What matters most to us is that you love, care and treat animals with respect and kindness. Whether you have a purebred certified by the AKC, or are like us and have a mutt whose mix of background is unidentifiable even to the dog DNA people, go out and celebrate the bond you have with your buddy. Celebrate the day!