Save Your Pet’s Photos On Save Your Photos Day!

Save Your Pet’s Photos On Save Your Photos Day!

We’ve come a long way since the invention of the world’s first camera in 1816. These days, thanks to smartphones, it’s so easy to snap photos of Fido at any given moment. Through those photos, you’ll be able to hold on the memory of your beloved pet long after they’ve gone and relive the precious memories you’ve shared with them. Photos, whether digital or physical, allow you to remember the feelings you had at a certain point in time, and in a way, help you cope or sometimes, even heal.

Sadly, every year, thousands of photos are lost due to natural disasters, fires, floods, and other forms of calamity. For those reasons, Save Your Photos Day reminds us to take the extra time to safeguard all of our photographic memorabilia and secure all of our digitized photos.



Why Do People Take Photos Of Their Pets?

1. To tell a story

Photographs have a way of capturing people’s attention, so they’re great tools for telling stories. Compared to words, visual images do a better job at keeping at an audience interested by making them feel like they’re actually in the moment with you. That’s why we take photos of the places we go to during vacations and show them to our friends and family. It makes us feel like we’re taking them with us.

Similarly, pet owners can tell their pet’s story through photographs. Those who have adopted shelter animals, for instance, may photograph their pets to raise awareness about adoption or fostering. Shelters and rescues also use photos, together with videos, to tell an animal’s story and help them get adopted.


2. To hold on to memories and feelings

Pet owners share a strong bond with their pets. As a pet owner yourself, you’ve probably taken hundreds of photos of your furry companion. It’s only natural to want to document the happy times you’ve had with them because they’re important to you. That’s why we take photos with our friends and family as well. We want to be able to hold on to the memories we have of them and remember what it felt like when they were around.


3. To improve their skills in photography

Believe it or not, but taking photos of your pet can actually help you hone your skills in photography. If you’re an aspiring photographer, why not ask your pet to be your subject? Whether you own a cat, a dog, a bird, or even a hamster, pets generally tend to be naturally photogenic. Plus, they’re a lot more accessible to practice with than people. Once you go through the process of pet photography—figuring out the correct angles, finding the right lighting, playing around with the different camera controls, etc.—you’ll start to realize the various disciplines come with the craft and develop new skills as you go.


4. To express themselves

For some, taking photographs of their pets is a form of self-expression; a way for them to let others see what they’re seeing. Photographs allow people to view the world through someone else’s eyes and in the process, shed light to new perspectives. For instance, pet owners that own dogs belonging to breeds that have a bad rap, like the American Pit Bull Terrier or American Staffordshire Terrier, may sometimes take photos of their pets being the angels that they are to show people that they’re not as dangerous as they’re made out to be.



How To Save Your Pet’s Photos

1. Back-up your hard drive

Make sure you don’t lose any of your pet’s digital images by periodically backing up your hard drive on an external one, such as a USB Flash Drive or a Portable External Hard Drive. Another thing you can do is to keep your photos on multiple devices. Instead of just storing them on your laptop or smartphone, you can also make copies of them on your desktop or office computer.


2. Use online file storage

If you don’t necessarily have a ton of pet photos to keep, there are plenty of online cloud storage sites that offer limited storage space for free. The best ones include Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft Onedrive, Box, and IDrive. You have the option to increase your storage space anytime for a small fee.


3. Digitize your photographs

One of the best ways to preserve physical photos of your pet is to get them digitized. Even if you love being able to hold physical images in your hands, there are plenty of reasons why you may want to consider this option. Tangible photos can easily be destroyed by unforeseen events, like calamities, flood, or fire, and they take up a lot of space in your home. Digital images, on the other hand, can easily be stored online or in handheld devices, such as smartphones, for safekeeping or sharing.

Here are a few ways you can digitize your physical photos:


How to Observe Save Your Photos Day

1. Organize and back up your photos

The best way to observe Save Your Photos Day is, of course, to start organizing your physical photos or getting them digitized, as well as backing up your digital ones to an external hard drive or an online file storage site.

2. Share your pet’s photos online

Another way to observe Save Your Photos Day is to share your pet’s photos on your social media platforms! You can share multiple images in a single post or create a whole album just for them. After all, Save Your Photos Day is all about saving treasured memories and memories are best saved when shared with others.


How do you plan on saving your pet’s photos on Save Your Photos Day?