National Selfie Day

National Selfie Day

Calling all social media lovers!  Today is your day! June 21st celebrates self-portraits taken from a front camera view.  Whether you use a selfie stick or your smartphone alone, grab your pet and snap a selfie worth sharing!


Selfie Contest

This holiday was created by DJ Rick McNeely from Fishbowl Radio Network in 2014.  This year, National Selfie Day will be having a Selfie Contest where you can submit your best selfie and an audience will select a winner.  To participate, share your selfie on social media and tag your submission with #NationalSelfieDay or upload your photo directly to the website.  (We bet your chances of winning might be higher if you take one with your pet, but hey, that’s just our opinion!)


Tips For the Best Pet Selfie

Taking a picture with your pet is easier said than done.  Below are some tips for taking the perfect selfie with your furry friend!National Selfie Day

  1. Strike a pose- Instead of forcing your pet to pose with you, pose with your pet! If your cat or dog is hanging out on the couch, get on the couch too! If your bird is perched in his or her cage, stand next to the cage.  Don’t ever force your pet into a position that could cause stress or discomfort.
  2. Bribe with treats or toys– In order to get your pet to look in the direction of the camera, try holding a treat between your phone and the hand you are using to hold it.  If that doesn’t work, try taping a treat directly to your phone, or have a friend hold a treat behind the phone.
  3. Take a bunch of photos– Let’s be honest, pets move around a lot!  Take several photos so that you will have options to choose from! (Tip: Try burst mode by holding down your phone’s capture button to take rapid-fire photos).
  4. Know your angles- Eye level or just above eye level is typically one of the most flattering angles for almost everyone.
  5. Avoid flash– Pets can be easily scared by a camera flash, especially if they have never been exposed to bright lights before.  A flash may also strain an animal’s eyes, so be cautious if you do choose to use a flash.
  6. Action or sport setting– Some cameras have action or sport settings that can be used to minimize blurring.  This can come in handy since our pets do not always sit still when we want them to!
  7. Lighting is Everything– Most professional photographers agree that the best lighting is about an hour or so before the sun sets.  Try to use natural lighting for your selfie if possible!
  8. Don’t Over Edit- Filters and adjustments can make or break a photo, just don’t over do it!
  9. Choose A Good Background– Take a selfie in a space where your pet is most comfortable.  This may be at the park, in your backyard, or sitting on the couch.  Wherever you choose to do your photo shoot, make sure that your furry friend stands out and that there is nothing distracting behind you!
  10. Be Patient!  It might take a few tries before you get the right shot. If it is just not working out, try again later!


Not A Fan Of Selfies? Try A Pet Portrait! 

If you can’t get the perfect selfie or if you simply just want a special piece of art to commemorate your pet, try a pet portrait! Pet portraits are unique, custom, hand-drawn pictures.  All you have to do is take a photo of your pet and send it to an artist of your choosing.  You can find many artists and companies that specialize in pet portraits online.  You can also choose from many styles of paintings, ranging from realistic drawings to portraits with vibrant and bold colors.


Share your favorite pet selfie with us!