National Splurge Day – Today, June 18th

Splurge Day is today – June 18th!

splurge day

I know I don’t need a reason to splurge each year but that’s exactly what national splurge day is all about.  Not holding back and treating yourself to something you normally wouldn’t.
So we’d like to suggest you apply national splurge day to the animals as well.  Visit your local pet bakery and splurge on some fresh, homemade treats for your furry companions.  Then, take it a step further and order a doggie safe cake to send to your local animal shelter so that shelter animals can benefit from your splurge as well.
Normally take Fido on a short walk through the park?  How about doubling down and splurging on a long walk on a path you’ve never been down before?  This will surely make his day and likely yours too.

Tell us how you spent National Splurge Day with your pet!