December 8 – Pretend to be a time traveler day

time travelerOk all of you Marty McFly fans, today is your day.  You get to be a time traveler and go back in time to right the wrongs of the world.

Well, at least you can pretend to be a time traveler today because it is national pretend to be a time traveler day after all.  Who knew that there was such a day?

So you might be wondering how we are going to align this national day with animal rescue aren’t you?  Well not to worry, we always have a plan.

Animal rescue is an industry that has transformed over the decades and continues to evolve even still.  So as you are relishing in your excuse to wear your puffy vest that looks like a life preserver feeling like Marty McFly today, think about the opportunity to go back in time and learn from your fellow rescuers from past generations on how they served the cause and the animals.  What can you learn from your time travels?

One of our favorite historians of animal rescue and the lessons we can learn from it is a well-known blogger by the name of Susan Houser.  Susan has been a part of the movement for decades and even published a book leading the reader through the stages and history of the animal rescue movement.  She is a quiet leader in the movement, shying away from the attention and the limelight, seeking instead to share her knowledge and experience with those that are willing to listen and backing away from those simply looking to argue.

On a regular basis she publishes her Out the Front Door blog featuring different programs and people making a difference for animals in the world.  So on this day dedicated to time travel, we invite you to spend some time learning from Susan’s wisdom and experiences; partaking in her knowledge and lessons of the past so that you can apply them to today’s world and not repeat the same mistakes others before you have made.

Time Traveler Day