December 21: Celebrate National Underdog Day

Your local animal shelter has plenty of underdogs

It’s getting closer to Christmas and time to celebrate national underdog day. Established by Peter Moeller in 1976, Underdog Day was originally designed to celebrate unlikely and unsung heroes of movies, sports, and of course anyone in life that felt they were…well and underdog.  

But we think that today is a great day to celebrate the often-overlooked underdogs.  Those dogs that are stuck in animal shelters across the country without a loving, caring, forever home to care for them.

Shelter dogs are the national underdogs

While the numbers are not perfectly clear, the estimates are still that 1.5 million animals are euthanized every year in animal shelters across the United States.  That is simply unacceptable and we need to band together and do something about that.

As we have blogged about before, shelter dogs are wonderful animals that just need someone to care for them and give them a fighting chance.  We’ve proven that the myths about shelter animals are not true and they deserve a chance to prove themselves.

Show your love for the underdog and be a foster home

If you have a fear of commitment, you can still celebrate national underdog day by contacting your nearest animal rescue or animal shelter and volunteering to be a foster home.  You’ll get the chance to strut your stuff and show how much you care for animals. And with any luck, you’ll turn out to be a foster failure and find your new best friend.

So celebrate national underdog day today by helping out the true underdogs.

foster a dog

National Underdog Day