The Animal Rescue Professionals Association is

the only association dedicated to supporting the animal rescue profession.

Our organization rating process was designed specifically for animal welfare organizations, to provide you with the transparency rating you need to demonstrate your professional commitment to animal rescue.

The ARPA rating system allows you to achieve Silver, Gold and Platinum levels as outlined below. Organizations can choose to stop at any given level, and continue to the next level at any time during the process. Once your organization achieves a rating, we will provide you with an electronic badge to prominently display on your website, and in your social media.

If you are already a Doobert approved organization simply use the Doobert Login to have all of your organization immediately transferred and rapidly progress your rating to Silver. If you are not yet an approved Doobert organization you can sign-up for free at

General Information Silver Gold Platinum
Organization Information
Board member information
Agreement to principles
Organization Operations
Operating information
Intake Sources
Adoption Process
Programs & Tracking
Operating information
Transfer programs
Medical protocols
Goals & Strategies

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As an ARPA rated organization, you will also receive discounts on our exams that you can provide to your team and volunteers.

  • 10% OFF
    Exams for obtaining a Silver rating
  • 15% OFF
    Exams for obtaining a Gold rating
  • 20% OFF
    Exams for obtaining a Platinum rating