Episode 97 – Lakshman Molleti

Lakshman Molleti is a software engineer by day and someone who is passionate about animals and his community. One day realizing that animals don’t always have access to clean and safe drinking water, he started providing water to the animals who were near his home and slowly started to help animals around his community and with the support of others he was able to create the AWBP India (Animals Water Bowl Project) – his goal is to connect humans to animals and to provide safe, clean drinking water to animals around the clock.

Welcome to the professionals in animal rescue podcast where our goal is to introduce you to amazing people helping animals and share how you can get involved with animal rescue.  This podcast is proudly sponsored by Doobert.com. Doobert is a free website designed to connect volunteers with rescues and shelters, and the only site that automates rescue relay transport.  Now, on with our show! The founder of the Animals Water Bowl Project India, Lakshman Molleti, focuses on connecting humans with animals and believes that this world will be more balanced if every human on this planet lives a simple lifestyle and loves and supports all animals equally. The vision of a w b P India is to create a platform where every stray animal gets safe drinking water around the clock throughout the year. The AWBP India distributes water bowls free of cost animal lovers who want to help stray animals in their area. Hey, Lakshman and welcome to the program. Hey, Chris. Thank you so much.  Thanks so much for coming on. So tell us a little bit about you. I mean, I know you’re in India, but maybe for our listeners. Tell us a little bit more about you know where in India and and kind of how you get started with this so myself. Our collection morality are most suffering. Injury currently working are here in India. Um ah. In a place called Hyderabad Soft Rangers. One side. The other side is like a social entrepreneur right now, um, coming to the project, How it started. The story starts from my graduate, you know, from my graduate. Ah ah, it’s almost when I saved from my graduate almost 10 years back, I’m talking about So, um or er article are connected to the poor of people. So I used to visit organizations. I used to help them on dumb. But in the process, in the process, I’ve seen the animals across. So which is also facing same kind off, Um ah, Problems like human beings who are suffering like a knob because lack of food or lack off for medication support our you know, a lot of different challenges. So, in the process, I started questioning myself that for human beings, there are many many human organizations to support. There’s that there are government bodies to to help them financially, whatever we want, medically, whatever they want. But coming to animals, they have very, ah, very less support car coming to India Less very limited hospitals. Very ah limited retinal doctors on dhe. Also, there’s a There’s a big gap between the humans and animals, a lot off abuse and ah, lot off exemptions about the animals in a negative way. And this is Ah, um, you know, this is badly impacting them, you know, not making dining halls to connect to human. So So, looking at all this challenge is the kind of sufferings animals facing um ah, you know, or I decided, like after my graduation that ah, animal side is something we’re trying to focus on because there are very limited number of people who are working towards animal welfare int rights. So the animal welfare is wanting an animal rights is wanting the animal rights in India. There are animal rights in India for different animals, but but coming to the implementation in reality, it is not happening as expected. Still, this is something made me to connect to animal welfare, of switching from human welfare to animal welfare because the challenges were different. Singh is very big on also, what I learned in the process is like by caring for these animals on this planet. His are as having a very good A costume back on the human vouch for in the environment that made me more interesting. And that made me to connect to the subject more. Because when I’m working for animals that mean that I’m working for human about feeling like I’m working for the environment too, so that so I connected to the animal subject and in the process, like I started my journey like in gaining the knowledge, getting the knowledge like I know are what all the you know across the globe and what all the challenges facing by this animal under what I would do the new knowledge is like, you know, our our our our animal is injured, like how to treat them on feel like animal rescue. So slowly I involved in animal rescues. And then I used to find the homes for some of the street animals. Like dogs, mainly in India. We see dogs on the streets very frequently. S O. I used to involve in animal risk use in the process. What I what happened? It’s like you’ve given me a lot of knowledge on dhe. Also, it made me started. Think again like there’s a big gap. Ah, again, Um, what we call ah ah, the animals Some on the humans, like in our are the distillation utilizing the distant technology is missing and a lot of education is missing because of that darn the kind of there’s a gap still maintain the window. So even there are organizations There are individuals working toward animal welfare and rights in India. But but actually the challenges are I see that it’s a remains same like, you know, there’s no big improvement. So what is missing is the continues education program is missing. Ah, the right education is missing into the people on dumb. So I initial target. Okay, Education program. Something need to be missing in the projects, whatever are introduced by the other organizations or individuals. So I thought like I need to come up with the project were this is this is going to be taken care of, and second tonight education program. It should like, ah, weekly activity or it should be like a downed line daily activity. We should take it to schools educating the students and we need to take it. Incorporates educating the employees. We need to take it to the public places, educating the people so all kind of ages need to be car word. It’s happening like a two way communication. Like a compassion towards animal. That should be a a standard subject which should talk always. Ah, it should be like a part of life. So that’s all we know. Continous education programs. One thing, one element which is missing. So I felt like this need to be including my, uh, upcoming project. And later Ah, I’ve seen very frequent, you know, um, on. But the animals are here in India, used to quench their toes from roadside on That also something disturbed me because ah ah that the water was available for them. That it that appetites we humans are destroying it. We are immensely distracting it completely. So it is are responsible to give back and to pay to see that day. These animals, sir, don’t die like that, you know, because the mystics done by human said they should not suffer for that so and something like you know, um, in India, what happens is like during some are people are very much in strides by themselves that ho you. This animal’s nearly water because they don’t get it. Our days did they feel like another? Don’t get the water during the summer. But but coming to others, he isn’t like winter and rainy seasons. People don’t think about them. Be is zooming down bigger to save water. But the question is that water they get into the other seasons are safe, drinking water or not. That’s a big question. The answer is simple to go out, whatever the water is available for them. And most of the cases are very dirty water, which is not fit for their drinking. So because that many of the animals are handling it a lot off infections, lot off viral infections and law of skin infections and they are dying in a miserable way said There’s something touched me and this is something made me, you know. Now this is also missing element in the current projects. Eso We need to introduce a project where the safe drinking water need to be available for designing most round the clock, throw the or it’s it should be not like a seasoned wise on da, even a room. And I did some study, like, you know, even animals also need the safe drinking water to clean their blood and to happen the, you know, fresh oxygen for the aqua. So its respective headquarters expect off the the the animals on the ground or flying in hair. Every animal is very much depend on the water, like human beings. So this is something, um, made me toe. Ah, you know, come over the animal water bowl. Project India. These two elements are integrated in this project. Animals. What about Project India? Ah, the original. The product is to see every stray animal gets safe drinking water around the clock. Throw the year on dhe. We can. Acumen is with animals through our education programs. So this is one. Exactly, Um ah, this the situation transformed me to loan and then, um, switch from human welfare to animal welfare. And then now I am come completely. My passion is towards animal welfare and rights. And, uh, um, the uplifting of animal welfare and writes is something very close to my heart. Yeah, I know. And I love the I love the concept and just you were searching for a way to make an impact right. And like you said, there’s a lot of resource is that do focus on people, and that’s important, but not as many focused on animals, and something that you know started out as you started to learn and educate yourself into what the problem was. And then you focus on something so basic, just fresh, clean drinking water all year round. And I just love the fact that you’ve made that at the center of this and turned it into an education program and something that you can involve the community and to be a part of that’s right, that’s correct. This this project. It’s like a entry gate to connect with animals. That’s what many up there, many of the people who look who came to know about our project. They felt very interesting and watch when this is really nice product like you know, it is something like people. Slowly we can connect to the people to the animals are who are not really or interested in loving or caring for animals. But the way the project is our design is really interesting and that really makes their people who are not even our animal hours. They also understand the challenge and the responsibility you’d which need toe give back to designing rules on slowly make them connect with animal. That’s something you and this is something irregular feedback. So we used to receive from the people and even some some people came over to say a statement saying that it is a $1,000,000,000 idea. Uh, yeah, but as you mentioned again, it’s a very small, small thing and even I’m surprised why me of the organization or individual missed it. It’s very, very small element, which is art, which is Ah, very, very common thing. A species also depend on the water. They need to see if water like human beings and we felt like in our our project should inspire more people on more organizations, and more ordinations should come up with this kind of mortal across the globe nor just India, because global in many of the countries also o r. This is this challenge is happening and even I there are There are cases I contract with this car. The citizen from its Scotland citizens from Singapore. David used to say the ideas to be the animals. They are the astronomer challenge, and they’re dealing safe water that they’re not getting it. So, um Yep. Ah, uh, this is something. Really? Um yeah, the vertical caring for animals. It’s like, as you mentioned, we were going to build a good communities and we’re going to see the beauty are on this planet by by by caring for carrying by giving the Loewen care towards his animals. That’s how you are. Things go where More. I mean, people will come to realize happiness more, more, more. Yeah, no. And I again, I think it’s just such a simple concept. I mean, maybe give our listeners some perspective as to what life is like for animals. And Andy, I’ve heard estimates that there’s 30,000,000 stray dogs, for example, the lifelike frankly, you know, as a state something back. Um, yeah, we do have, as we know, that it’s a diversified nation with the different religions and different ah, cultures and traditions. Um, the biggest challenge right now is ah, the lack off education with respect and most is missing because of that are a lot of abuse, lot off killing animals and lof threatening the animal. Ours who are caring for animals is all things happening, the current elements. Ah, but if you look at some time bag in India, the things are something different. People are the ancestors. They’re very much connected to the animals. But that’s something miss missing in this current generation, huh? In this in the name of development and log off Laura Farben ideation and lot off deforestation we’re seeing. And people are more connected to the, you know, earning and making money. And rather than understanding the our importance off other side like caring for this nature, caring for animals who also got same rights to live on this planet. So the the media, media, whoever like a different channels, who the TV media or the news media are unfortunately and the knowledge sharing is also missing. They’re so big a star that the gap, the yet that the challenging and we’re in our community for animals is currently there have a really, frankly, very hard times. So because of that reason, you know, we are, um we want to happen. The education programmes continuously. So that people are sensitized because people cannot change in one day. It happens in the process. So it again Venice it people. We have a different ages women, students and the for everyone. We need to teach that we need to share the knowledge in a different different format. We cannot share the same knowledge. What we teach to that leads to the same to the students. So we should have a different kind of Karakorum. So we want to come up with a different ideas. Are are currently in animals. Waterworld Project. In there we started already doing. The pilot launches air like we be we’re doing couple of events incorporates we’re asking all to corporate street fighters. Be ready to accept a share that knowledge with their employees on we do. Some were ready to do some events which makes their employees to understand the importance of animal welfare on also understand the beauty in that and also adopting them all this thing. So for the students were coming up with Vijay education films like short films were making in terms of cartoon way andare these feelings were taking, and we’re probably also featured on YouTube channel so that anybody can access, Anybody can use it. So, um, the life in our communities for animals is a really challenging and begins to the gap or because of lack off knowledge, lack off sensation on. Because of that, our focus is again and animals, what about ways into the main focuses on, um how continents Education program. So, through education program, we are Are we really done some good job in the last two years? Like almost 2000 water balls we distributed, I don’t see all the balls are utilized to correctly but again even be prepared for it like 100% ideally 100 person to result we cannot achieve in short time it takes I know the good thing is that people who ever taken the bowels and regularly even, you know there are people who took the balls from us water balls two years back, even till even today also, they lived in the same balls and serving many animals in their locality. So, like that almost we have close to 50 to 60 members who are, and even more people are now motivated and inspiring. They started doing by themselves and er on. Also, we also given the kind of we also triggered something into the minds of the people in India, mainly that animals deserve safe drinking water On the clock on dhe through our through our Facebook So show posed. Oh, Andi also, um ah, like you know, this need to be either on. It should not be like just somewhere we need to care for them with the safe drinking water around the clock throughout the year. So we have done oh, are some good job in the last two years But again it’s I don’t say it. So are the big number. But again, there is some impact created in our lookout where were existed. But the prosecutor won’t expand it to David. Almost all the 20 the world over the states about there in India completely we want to extend across India currently were happening in 22 states. One isn’t telling under the one is in a molester one of the location called Bombay. So we want to have happen through other states and other district slowly and through the wall, into your support, um and ah, education program is, as I mentioned, the shot filling some other people want to read some of the students Wall Street. Even they also very much connected to the to the films. And even they also very much started clarifying their questions with us on go. Even there are there are children and there are adults even started realizing, um, the importance off them and they and the kind of for, um ah rights Dee Gordon on this planet. So even they also started respecting it. So, um yeah, but but long way to go. There are there’s There’s a lot of scope to improve and love. Long way to go and a lot to do Andi and again we strongly believe in Ah, this is a continuous journey and we go with hope on we go With the pause to thoughts on we could come up with a different new new ideas to make this project Country is told. Uh uh, you know, coming years. Yeah, No. And I may be for our listeners, just kind of give him Ah, run down this how this works. Obviously you’re distributing water bowls, but then you’re also giving them locations as to where they can get the safe, clean drinking water to use those bulls Wellness. Natural pet food is for pets in their parents who believe, as we do, that good nutrition and healthy food are the building blocks of a long, happy life created by a nutritionist, veterinarians and animal lovers. Wellness recipes provided an ideal balance of nature’s finest ingredients. Ah, one. This recipes include lean meats, whole grains and fruits and veggies with no wheat, corn or soy, and no edit artificial flavors, colors or preservatives from head to tail. Wellness is nutrition with a purpose. You can learn more at wellness pet food dot com and follow them on Facebook and instagram at At Wellness Pet Food in a BBB India. Like most of all, we distribute water bowls for free. We don’t charge anything on. Do we have a crowd funding? Ah, um Ah, where he called, we would completely bent on the crowdfunding say whatever the fund, we get it on the same find use for the balls and for our education program, logistics and everything. So, first of all, we give the balls for free of cost, and we don’t want to tag any price to it on whenever someone are more aware, Um, Azaz mentioned like it’ll be. We’ve been easier toe create the platform to see that every stray animal get safe drinking water around the clock and we connect humans with animals. So when I say create platform, what we do is we We procured this water balls and we talked to the manufacturer and we get it down and we keep it ready yet owned in a portal locations where we existed on dhe, we, um we we we distribute this water bolts into different access points so that people no need to travel long distance on DA way. We try to see that at least invite limited radius. Um, each place we have an access point. So like that, you know, so that people don’t need to travel for collecting affordable whenever the someone comes for a water ball to collect the water bowl traumas. First of all, there’s a there’s a there are. We give it for free, but there are few conditions applied before we go. What about to a popular person? So the 1st 1 is like, you know, aa. We give only one bowl per person. We don’t give more than one that isn’t simple. At handling more than one bowl is not that easier, so we want to see that everywhere everybody’s mapped. One person we were asked for two are more balls. We asked them to justify how you can manage. If you’re convinced, then we give more than that. If not convinced, we will ask them to educate the people around in their locality and asked them to reach us so that so we tried to happened the same number of bowls, but we ensure that each bowl is map to one person first thing. The second thing is that we asked the person toe, keep this ball’s not just only somewhat this need to be kept all these all 3 66 days, in other words, so we respect off season. So that’s the second commitment they need to give the purple one is like they had to fill the water every day. The freshwater need to be filled every day. They have to do it on the 4th 1 is Ah, they have to clean the water ball every a weak ones because there’s I’ll give form because the bones which we had this reading is made with the cement and sand. Um so the other one is Where were the 5th 1 is where were they keeping the water ball? They have to monitor it and they have to give a commitment. That deacon monitor. They cannot say that we’re going to keep somewhere. And we’re not responsible than in case we don’t give me the straight or is it? So they have to take their ownership. That’s what are is in the project. So it is in our dark are we want to see that everyone in the community takes the response. We take the warning to whoever reaches as so the 6th 1 is like every arm every 15 years or every one month. They have to share the pictures off the water bowl when the animals are quenching the thirst or really close with us on that we are featuring on our socials like Instagram and Facebook, so that it is shared across many groups globally on DA and that inspires many off them because that’s the whole idea off inspiring each other. Yeah, I know. And I love the fact that you’ve got very specific rules that they need to follow in order to be a part of the program because I think that’s what really makes it a success. And as you said, it helps to share the message so that others can learn about it. And, you know, if people go to your website AWBPIndia.org to your Facebook, um, I know they can see some of these pictures and they can see the involvement of the people in the community. Yeah, exactly. That he will inspires them. You know, the motivates them the way we’re watches it on dumb and even ah, some people who inside of reaching us and asking some organizations in India even who are trying to happen this kind of water bowl project in their location. But there they are not able to do it successfully. Then beast tribe. We used to share our inputs with them, how we’re actually doing it, and our even most of the cases they used to like our approach because that’s the best approach to do. I don’t say that with this approach we can see that 100 person bowls air functioning properly, but again we can see that at least the message is conveyed and at least at least some impact can be created and slowly that can be enhanced. Yeah, absolutely. And like I said, I think it’s a really simple thing that you’ve turned into quite a program that educates. And it has the ability to go viral is people are sharing the information and getting involved and feeling they’re making an impact. So that’s amazing. So, Lakshman, I really appreciate you coming on the program today and sharing this with our listeners. Is there anything else you want to mention before we wrap things up? Yes, Chris, and are always say is they know it’s a simple like your place, your animals, your support. Um, so just do it and do it for yourself, for for the better, man, you know, to just two happened real happiness in one’s life. Eso in case if you like to with that, our website has Chrisman. Zits are Dubbie, Dubbie Datta a w b being the adult org on dhe you can very well wall into with us. And in case if you want to support it can also aerial support on our project. We have ah, funding page. Andi. Yes, this probably really Ah big project, frankly speaking, and it really need our support from everyone on dumb on lot to come and lot to come Lot off ideas were trying to roll out on DDE that it’s possible only when, with the proper support from everyone so funds and also through all entering on dhe even. Don’t worry. Volunteering doesn’t mean that you need to come to India and work even though you are now. But the nation No ways. We have a different ways to wall into with us. Like many we’re looking for the country writers were looking for. The artists were looking for the story writers. We have different things, so you can also work from home. So today we got a good technology become very, well, liver. Is that on dumb? You’re welcome. Anytime we are, that’s That’s my request to, though yourself your podcast and thanks to, um, our power for this opportunity on dumb. So looking forward. Well, Laxman, thank you so much for coming on the program. It’s been great to talk to you, Thank you, Korea, saying that have a nice day. Thanks for tuning into today’s podcast.  If you’re not already a member, join the ARPA to take advantage of all of the resources we have to offer.  And don’t forget to sign-up with Doobert.com. It’s free and helps automate the most difficult tasks in animal rescue.

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