FAQ's for Podcast: Professionals in Animal Rescue

Answers to our most commonly asked questions

General questions

How long does the podcast take to record?

We reserve 60 minutes, the recording is about 35-45 minutes, depending on how much you want to share.

What is the podcast format?

A casual discussion through audio, NO video will used.

What do I need?

A computer with headphones or earbuds to eliminate background noise and feedback.

Is there a cost?

There is NO charge to you. We think you're doing amazing work in the animal welfare industry!


Prior to recording

Where do I send my Skype ID?

Please send your Skype ID to: rachael@animalrescueprofessionals.org

What type of photo do I need to send & where?

The type of photo is up to you. Please send it to: rachael@animalrescueprofessionals.org

When can I expect to see the final podcast outline?

We'll send you your podcast outline a few days prior to your recording date & ask you to review for any changes or updates.

Day of recording

How do I connect for the recording?

We use Skype to record using audio only (no video). Please accept the invite to connect prior to your scheduled time.

Using headphones/earbuds to record.

A computer is recommended for the best quality. Please use headphones/earbuds to eliminate background noise for a better quality podcast.

Location & internet connection.

Make sure you have a strong and steady internet connection. You'll want to find a quiet location away from the daily hustle & bustle so you're not interrupted.

Post recording

Will the ah's, um's, long pauses , etc be removed?

Absolutely! We'll take care of all that before we publish to multiple platforms.

Where do you publish the podcast recording?

We'll publish your podcast on the ARPA website and share on Facebook. Your podcast can also be found on iTunes, Stitcher & Google Play Music

Will you send me the links so I can share with our supporters?

Once we publish your podcast, we'll send you an email with the links so you can use and share with your supporters!

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