Donate a day’s wages to charity day – May 9

Today you can donate 1/365th of your salary to an animal rescue

There’s not a lot going on between Cinco de Mayo and Memorial Day so that’s why we’re excited to give a big shout out and celebration to National Donate A Day’s Wages to Charity Day.

That’s right, today is the day you calculate your daily wage and then pay-it-forward by donating 1/365th of your salary to your favorite charity. Whether that’s your local animal shelter, or the rescue group where you adopted your forever companion, they can surely use your support and will be very appreciative of anything you can do to help.  Animal rescues and shelters rely on awesome donors to sustain their operations and keep saving lives so today you can surprise them with your donation.

Don’t know who to donate to? We’re happy to make some recommendations for organizations that do lots of good to help animals.

Flying Dog Rescue

In addition to supporting animal rescue transport, Flying Dog Rescue is also building the National Lost Pet Database to connect animal shelters across the nation with the volunteers helping to reunite lost pets. Having one common database will save time and greatly improve the likelihood of animals being reunited with their owners. Your donation will go a long way towards helping them make this dream a reality.


Kane’s Krusade

Located up in Springfield, Massachusetts, this local organization is revolutionizing the community pet support program. Their non-judgmental approach to help people in or near poverty to care for their pets while encouraging them to pay-it-forward recognizes and supports the animal-human bond. They work with groups across the country to share best practices, support one another and work to keep pets in homes.  Want to learn more?  Listen to our interview with Kim who is the founder and passionate leader behind them.


Animal Legal Defense Fund

A national organization of lawyers fighting to change the game for animals through the law this outstanding organization focuses on playing the long game to get things changed. They’ve fought for the rights of lions, chimpanzees and whales and continue to act as advocates for animals caught in the court system. Check out our recent podcast with their Executive Director, Stephen Wells.


Whatever the charity you choose to support today, show them you care and pay-it-forward for the great work they do on national donate a day’s wages to charity.